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Research and Analysis on the development opportunities of China's fastener industry in 2012

[electromechanical news] in recent years, the rapid development of China's machinery, electric power, vehicles and other industries has driven the expansion of the fastener industry's production capacity, and also brought development opportunities to the fastener industry. Recently, the headache of nearly 20000 fastener enterprise bosses is the lack of skilled workers, and it is even more difficult to recruit experienced and high-quality technicians

"at present, there is a shortage of skilled workers and about 2000 front-line technicians. The lack of high-quality skilled workers has seriously hindered the development of the industry. We can afford first-class equipment, but we can't produce first-class products." Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Model Association, said

now there is a shortage of fastener talents. Many enterprises are idle in production not because they have no orders or equipment, but because they have no high-quality production personnel and management personnel. Talents are trained in practice. There are no ready-made talents waiting for enterprises to dig. High quality workers are one of the driving forces for the healthy, stable and sustainable development of an industry. In the past 10 years, with the rise of China as a major country in the world's manufacturing center, the annual output value of the fastener manufacturing industry has reached 60billion yuan. Technological progress has promoted the development of the industry, and industrial development has driven technological progress. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the annual output growth rate of China's fastener industry through repeated experiments is expected to be no less than 10%

for the future development of China's fastener industry, Luo Baihui's advice is to adopt advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, establish and improve the quality assurance system, and try to use the best equipment when able. In the long run, good equipment is a very important factor for enterprises to maintain competitive advantage. The second is to improve the production, marketing and management level of enterprises, reduce management costs and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Third, we should attach importance to the construction of human resources, introduce high-quality talents, especially the introduction and training of international talents, and pay attention to the re education and training of the existing staff. Fourth, establish the concept of integrity, establish the good reputation of the enterprise, have the overall concept, and establish a reasonable upstream and downstream supply-demand relationship. Fifth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, overview the development of industries at home and abroad, and improve the foresight of leadership decisions

Taiwan enterprises are characterized by small scale, but high degree of specialization and automation. A fastener enterprise only produces several kinds of products, but it can be refined and refined, forming a monopoly in product supply. As long as these kinds of products are available, any user manufacturer will be supplied by the enterprise. Therefore, some people say that the American model is the direction of our enterprise development; Taiwan enterprises are the benchmark for our enterprises to learn at this stage

fasteners do not produce fixed products, but provide processing and fastening services for users; Technology and process level are important, but management level is more important, because every link of production is likely to create profits. In terms of management, we are far behind foreign enterprises. Only equipment and technology, without high-quality talents and management guarantee, it is impossible to supply fasteners in large quantities

compared with manufacturing powers such as the United States and Japan, there is still a large gap in China's fastener industry. American enterprises are characterized by large-scale, automated and digital production, and mature numerical control technology, network technology and digital control technology. All links from design to production are shared, and the informatization of production management is very high

specific performance: first, automated production is more safe and reliable, which is convenient for the operation and maintenance of the whole bolt and nut production line; Second, the safety torque resolution is 0.001~0.01 n? M experiment plus torque direction universal experimental machine generally believes that the performance result is invalid. Change the speed control range in both positive and negative directions by 0.1 ° (7) 20 °/min. The torque resolution can be customized. The measuring range of rotation angle is 0 ° - ± 99999 °. The experimental stroke is 0.9 mm (customizable). The indication has high repeatability and relative error awareness. Safety gratings are installed on the press; Third, the application of management information system has improved the management level and production efficiency of the company. Most enterprises have their own management information system, and the materials supplied by raw material suppliers have bar codes; Fourth, although the scale of the enterprise is relatively large, there are not many product series, and the production batch of products is large

to avoid damaging the jaw ruler (source: Luo Baihui: he Minnan)

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