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Research and Analysis on the demand of informatization software in construction machinery industry

manufacturing informatization engineering is the only way to improve the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry and transform China from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country; It is also a breakthrough to achieve the goal of using informatization to drive industrialization, using industrialization to promote informatization, taking a new road to industrialization, transforming traditional industries, and enhancing international competitiveness proposed by the 16th CPC National Congress. String 9

construction machinery manufacturing industry, as an important part of China's manufacturing industry, is an industry with the fastest and most stable development, good economic benefits and product market prospects in China's manufacturing industry, and has experienced WTO competition in advance and formed a strong competitiveness. In terms of sales revenue, the construction machinery industry has risen from 12th to 4th place in the whole domestic machinery industry in the past decade. The above achievements of string 3

are closely related to the strong promotion of technological transformation and upgrading in the construction machinery industry for more than a decade. We celebrate the success of ISRO and use information technology to transform backward technologies and processes. The whole industry, especially the large state-owned enterprises that play a pillar role, has initially built an information infrastructure, and from their own actual situation, actively promoted and applied information technology, which has greatly improved the overall technical level of the industry

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at present, with the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, after China's entry into WTO, international famous enterprises have come to China to invest and set up factories. Today, opportunities and challenges coexist, how to size up the situation and improve the overall competitiveness of China's construction machinery industry is undoubtedly a major issue in front of enterprises in the whole industry. Among them, actively promoting advanced manufacturing technology and implementing modern integrated manufacturing system in the whole industry has become the technical strategic choice of many enterprise decision makers

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2. Two dimensional industry informatization engineering string 9

the informatization engineering of construction machinery industry aims to combine information technology, automation technology, modern management technology and traditional manufacturing technology, drive the innovation of product design methods and tools, enterprise management, and collaboration among enterprises, and realize the informatization of product design, manufacturing process and Management (intellectualization in the advanced stage), the NC of manufacturing equipment The networking and socialization of consulting services, so as to comprehensively enhance the overall competitiveness of the construction machinery industry

generally speaking, the informatization content of construction machinery industry can be divided into two parts: product design, manufacturing process informatization and management informatization. String 3

Product Design and manufacturing process informatization refers to the digitization and automation of engineering machinery product design and production process. The main goal is to use computer-aided design, computer-aided process, manufacturing, quality assurance and other technologies and production process monitoring and other means and tools to realize the automation of design and manufacturing through the processing of product and manufacturing process information, and to promote collaborative commerce and product life-cycle design Manufacturing expansion. As a traditional industry of machinery, the construction machinery industry has actively promoted CAD application engineering for more than 10 years. Compared with personnel in other fields, construction machinery technology developers have better computer knowledge and application experience. From this point of view, taking the informatization of design process as the breakthrough of enterprise informatization construction has formed a consensus in the industry. String 3

management informatization refers to the digitization and automation of enterprise operation and management process. The main goal is to use computer-aided decision-making, quality, cost, finance and other management means and tools to realize the digitization, automation and intelligence of enterprise operation, planning and management through the information processing of the operation and management process. For example, MRP Ⅱ/erp to improve the management level of enterprises, officeautomation (OA) to improve the work efficiency of enterprises, supplychainmanagement (SCM) to improve the work efficiency of upstream and downstream, customer relationship management, flexible intelligence based on graphene developed and produced by Chongqing, and intelligence will be listed at the end of the year (precautions for the use of customerrelationshipmanagement, CRM1, plastic tensile testing machine) Electroniccommerce and other advanced information systems. String 6

3. Software demand analysis of informatization in construction machinery industry

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the software demand analysis of informatization in construction machinery industry in this paper is based on in-depth investigation of enterprises in construction machinery industry

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the research object is 32 large and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. The production field involves loaders, road machinery, cranes, etc., and also includes some parts supporting factories. Therefore, the statistical data in this paper reflects the information software demand of large and medium-sized enterprises in the construction machinery industry, and reflects the advanced level of information application in the industry. Although the statistical samples are limited, the information fed back by the research on small enterprises is still combined in the analysis, so the software demand analysis of this paper also has a certain reference function for the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises

the questionnaire is designed to investigate the informatization status of the engineering industry from two aspects: the informatization of design and manufacturing process and the informatization of management used as insulating materials or mattresses. The informatization of design and manufacturing process focuses on the application of 3D CAD, while the informatization of management mainly highlights the development of enterprise research ERP. Therefore, the software requirements analysis of informatization will also focus on 3D CAD and ERP

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3.1 application of 3D CAD software

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3.1.1 application field of 3D CAD

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the application of CAD technology is the source of manufacturing informatization and the entry point to promote enterprise informatization in the construction machinery industry. At present, the basic situation of 2D CAD application in the industry: first, 2D CAD application is quite common, and the drawing board rejection work has been basically completed. Through the application of two-dimensional CAD, the development ability of new products of enterprises is significantly improved. For example, the development efficiency of new products of Xuanhua construction machinery group is more than twice that of the traditional manual drawing method in the past. Second, some enterprises have launched the application of 3D CAD after getting rid of the drawing board. The application fields mainly focus on CAE analysis, product publicity, manufacturing design (making product outline drawings) and calculation. The statistical data is shown in Figure 1. The main application fields of 3D CAD are calculation and CAE analysis

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situation reflected from the questionnaire

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