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Photovoltaic and energy-saving building glass are the future development direction of Jinjing technology

Jinjing technology will focus on the layout of photovoltaic glass and energy-saving building glass in the future. In order to adapt to the background trend of "carbon neutralization" and energy conservation and emission reduction, it is easy to cause small piston damage, and oil leakage enterprises are expected to obtain greater development space. Wang Gang, chairman of Jinjing technology, said a few days ago. In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction and "carbon neutrality" policies, the demand for energy-saving buildings and photovoltaic industry is strong, which is expected to bring demand dividends to glass production enterprises

Jinjing technology is a leading enterprise in the development of glass. Over the years, through the introduction of advanced technology and talents, promote product upgrading, optimize product structure, especially in the field of ultra white glass segmentation has played a leading role. In recent years, the company has accelerated its transformation to the field of photovoltaic glass and building energy-saving glass with higher technology content and greater profit space. West China Securities predicts that by the fifth year of the inspection of the 8th and appendix of 202, the photovoltaic business performance is expected to be the largest single investment in Xinda's development history, accounting for more than 70%

Jinjing technology has actively deployed the photovoltaic glass industry since 2018. With the surge of the photovoltaic glass market, it began to rebound strongly in the second half of 2020. In the first quarter of this year, the company achieved an operating revenue of 1.47 billion yuan, an increase of 46.93% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 355 million yuan, an increase of 1096.91% year-on-year

according to the Research Report of Guojin securities, the reason for the sharp rise of Jinjing technology's share price is that the current prosperity of the photovoltaic industry is greater than expected, the demand is greater than supply, and the glass structure is high-end, resulting in a sharp increase in gross profit and net profit

"the sustainable development of renewable energy is an important aspect of carbon neutrality in the future, and photovoltaic new energy will be a new force; on the other hand, energy-saving materials, energy-saving buildings will have long-term development in the future." In these two fields, after years of technical precipitation, Jinjing technology has participated in them and achieved certain results. Wang Gang said

Wang Gang said that in addition to the photovoltaic and solar energy fields, with the continuous improvement of China's urbanization rate and the in-depth implementation of the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, building glass has developed from single-chip or hollow glass to three glass and two cavity energy-saving glass and review structural glass. This will undoubtedly bring a good opportunity for the product structure adjustment of China's glass market and the upgrading of the entire industry

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