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Photovoltaic enterprises actively explore the way to turn "danger" into "opportunity"

since this year, the global photovoltaic industry has been in a continuous downturn

on the one hand, the imbalance between supply and demand and disorderly competition in the photovoltaic market caused by overcapacity have reduced the price of photovoltaic related products and corporate profits to freezing points; On the other hand, affected by the European debt crisis and the "double reverse" of photovoltaic in the United States and Europe, the external market environment of photovoltaic enterprises is getting worse and worse, and the export market is blocked. The development of China's photovoltaic industry is almost in trouble as a whole, and the photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou has also suffered unprecedented difficulties and challenges

how to boost confidence and tide over difficulties? How to find "opportunity" in "danger"? Recently, the Municipal New Energy Industry Development Leading Group Office (the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology) held a symposium on the innovation and development of the solar photovoltaic industry. More than 40 enterprises in Hangzhou gathered together to look for photovoltaic industry innovation. Move the bottom end of the electromagnet fixed rod to 4cm higher than the required drop height (the drop height at this time is not very accurate) to develop and turn "danger" into "opportunity". The person in charge of relevant departments said that Hangzhou photovoltaic enterprises should carefully summarize the experience and lessons, and adhere to the path of innovation and high-end differentiated development. Government departments should further improve their understanding of the development of solar photovoltaic industry, strive to create a good atmosphere, take practical and effective measures, promote market-based demonstration applications, and strive to improve the overall competitiveness of Hangzhou's new energy industry

in this issue, we will discuss with you the importance of innovation to enterprises

Qiu Zhanwei: at present, the photovoltaic industry, especially China's photovoltaic industry, which accounts for two-thirds of the global production capacity, is experiencing severe challenges. Many enterprises go bankrupt. At the critical moment when the photovoltaic industry is facing great danger, photovoltaic enterprises should especially have confidence in the future, adjust the company's strategies in time, and deal with possible situations. Taking our company as an example, in April this year, based on our understanding of the return of photovoltaic module production from the high-tech industry to the general processing industry, Chint solar clearly defined the positioning of becoming a "world-class clean energy developer", and adjusted the industrial structure in accordance with the guiding ideology of "capital increase and reorganization, film adjustment, cost reduction and efficiency increase, transformation and development". At the same time, regular multi humidification system does not work. Tai solar also carries out global capacity integration, actively develops the domestic market and other overseas emerging markets, and balances the regional structure of shipments

Wu Ben: the current situation of the photovoltaic industry is bad, and vicious price wars occur frequently, but price wars are not the way out for the revitalization of the photovoltaic industry. I think the right choice is to develop through differentiated products and innovative business models. As long as the enterprise finds the new energy segment market and opens the whole market from one entrance, it will have the opportunity to seize the market share, which will play a positive role in promoting both the enterprise itself and the whole industry

Li Minfeng: since the second half of this year, the policies of relevant departments have brought a glimmer of hope and dawn to domestic photovoltaic enterprises. However, the healthy development of an industry cannot only rely on policies and subsidies. "Forging iron needs to be hard on its own", that is to say, enterprises must be competitive. A considerable number of enterprises that have problems in their business ideas and do not have solid basic skills are easy to be eliminated when the industry experiences a crisis. How can we successfully break through this crisis? From the perspective of the enterprise itself, I think we still need to consider improving ourselves in all aspects, such as "finding the right position and acting according to our ability; ensuring the safety of funds, survival first, and then development; empathy, honesty and leadership; independent innovation, grasp the initiative; integrating resources, and seeking common development", and so on

1. Qiu Zhanwei: reducing costs is the only way for the photovoltaic industry to expand the market, and scientific and technological innovation is the fundamental path to reduce costs. We use the electrical equipment produced by Chint Group to optimize the power generation integration technology. Over the past few years, through self built power stations and technological innovation, our power stations have a 10% advantage in price. In the next step, we will continue to strengthen strategic cooperation with financial institutions and partners, cultivate the investment, development and construction capacity of power stations, and reflect the marketing network advantages of high-end differentiated brands. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen global R & D cooperation and investment, closely track the development direction of international breakthrough new technologies, integrate world leading technologies and resources, comprehensively improve the overall competitive advantage of product technology and industrial chain, and strive to complete the construction of 3-5gw photovoltaic power stations by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

Wu Ben: let me talk about our company. Long Yan is a company committed to the research, development, production and application of cadmium telluride thin films. After three and a half years of hard research and development, we built China's leading 30 MW CdTe film production line with independent intellectual property rights in September last year. The whole production line is more than 300 meters long, including more than 40 large-scale production equipment, of which 3 are core coating equipment independently designed and manufactured by us. I mean, innovation will bring new opportunities to enterprises according to the project plan

Li Minfeng: adhere to independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation, which I have always advocated, and we do the same. Our company has applied for five invention patents and eight utility model patents for solar cell backplane products alone. We have invested a lot of human and financial resources in product upgrading and technology and process updating. Product research and development has done a good job of the third and fourth generation of reserves, aiming at different customer groups and different needs, so as to achieve differentiation and uniqueness. A series of technological innovation and product research and development have brought infinite vitality to the enterprise

2. Technology improves the innovation ability of enterprises

Qiu Zhanwei: Chint has taken a step early in breaking through the crisis. A few years ago, the photovoltaic industry, as an emerging industry, set off an investment boom, and many enterprises entered one after another. Under such circumstances, we are aware that the rapid expansion of the photovoltaic industry may lead to overheating and a series of problems. So as early as two years ago, Chint began to make strategic transfer. At first, we focused on making solar photovoltaic modules, and then we slowly shifted our focus to providing overall solutions for solar power generation systems. The Ningxia Shizuishan 10 MW project invested and constructed by the company is the first batch of photovoltaic power stations to be merged in China. This project is a landmark project for the transformation and upgrading of Chint solar energy, realizing the transformation from simply "selling products" to general contracting The transformation of turnkey "selling services" and "charging electricity" for the construction of power stations. This is an innovation of business model. In this industry reshuffle, because of this business model innovation, we have avoided many risks

Wu Ben: scientific and technological innovation is what enterprises must do in difficult situations. Of course, in addition to scientific and technological innovation, business model innovation is also a good way. For example, in the development of domestic distributed power generation, in addition to making a roof power station for customers, we also provide a number of applications such as the photovoltaic glass curtain wall on the south facade of the plant, the term shed of "photovoltaic parking or not passing the acceptance", which not only saves electricity costs for customers, but also beautifies the plant area and improves the image of customers. In terms of product promotion, since the European and American double reverse does not include thin films, some crystalline silicon companies have also found us to discuss the cooperation mode of product sales and OEM production

3. Innovation helps photovoltaic enterprises break through

Qiu Zhanwei: the photovoltaic industry used to export 95% of its products. At present, under such a severe international situation, vigorously expanding the domestic market and expanding domestic demand has become a means of rejuvenating the photovoltaic industry. At present, about 50% of Chint's products are sold domestically. In fact, the cost of solar power generation has decreased a lot compared with the previous two years. With the development of science and technology, the cost of solar power generation will be closer and closer to traditional energy. I predict that the photovoltaic industry will have a difficult period of one to two years. After this period, the cost of solar power generation will reach a generally acceptable level, and then the spring of the photovoltaic industry will come

Wu Ben: as a low-carbon green energy industry, photovoltaic industry is a good way to solve energy shortage and environmental pollution, and its market potential is infinite. At present, the state and the government have increased their support for the photovoltaic industry in all aspects. The report of the 18th CPC National Congress clearly stated that we should implement policies and measures that are more conducive to the development of the real economy, strengthen demand orientation, and promote the healthy development of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries. In the winter when the photovoltaic industry fell into a trough, favorable policies brought bursts of warmth and hope for enterprises to get out of trouble in confusion; In the 12th Five Year Plan for renewable energy development, the government has provided more policy support for the photovoltaic industry in strengthening market application and new technology research and development; The government has also increased its support for photovoltaic enterprises in terms of Finance and taxation

Li Minfeng: I have always been optimistic about the photovoltaic industry, but the current severe situation of the industry is an unavoidable pain for the industry. When the industrial policy guidance of governments of various countries meets the development of the industry market economy, when the power generation cost of photovoltaic energy is close to or lower than that of traditional energy, when the technology in the industry has made a major breakthrough again, when investors are more rational to the industry, and so on, the photovoltaic industry will usher in its own spring! Perhaps in this process, there will be many photovoltaic giants falling down, there will be new photovoltaic enterprises taking the lead, and there will be countless investors one after another. At such a juncture, what enterprises need to do is to do well and stabilize themselves, ensure quality, ensure capital safety, constantly update technology, and keep up with technology trends, so as to gain new life in the crisis. Zhonghua glass () Department

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