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On September 8, 2011, in the golden autumn of Shanghai, China, the world's leading industrial automation brand Omron grandly held a new product launch and the opening ceremony of Omron Automation Center (ATC) spring torque tester at the factory in Shanghai Jinqiao Industrial Development Zone today. Drawing the blueprint for the new decade, we can see that the future will change the competitive pattern of China's automation market

Omron Automation Center ATC opening ribbon

as we all know, Omron has always led the industry with its unique sensing and control technology. In recent years, with the continuous development of automation technology and the increasing demand of customers, Omron is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and comprehensive solutions. The high-end products NJ series PLC automatic controller and G5 servo released this time represent the development direction of automation technology

Omron 4. We should guide enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological innovation. Mr. Dachang Hezhi, the new president of automation (China) Co., Ltd.

NJ series PLC products integrate the open network controller of EtherCAT technology and the open network information and communication technology of ethernet/ip network, and establish a unified automation software platform SYSMAC studio. It breaks through the tradition, realizes high-speed control, complex motion control, and improves the high-end performance of production. The successful launch of NJ series PLC will bring new scientific and technological experience to the production of many industries, such as machining, textile, electronics, packaging, food and beverage, HVAC, transportation, water treatment, and so on. The debut of high-performance G5 servo system not only reflects Omron's determination to develop high-end servo field, With the continuous progress and development of domestic automation equipment, the number of servo axes shows an increasing trend, while the main moving parts of OMRON nj+g5-ect network are processed with wear-resistant materials and formed. The emergence of servo realizes complex motion control, and solves the problems of saving distribution lines and preventing wrong wiring between controller and servo, highlighting Omron's good trend of going hand in hand in the two fields of control and drive

sysmac NJ new product launch

with the continuous improvement of Omron's product line, Omron has changed from a single product. Users are welcome to call and consult: suppliers have successfully transformed into close partners in customer career development. The Omron Automation Center (ATC) launch held on September 8 is also an embodiment of Omron's role transformation. It is reported that the most important task of ATC is how to support the efficient operation of customers' machines in an all-round way. Omron's main purpose of putting ATC in China is to understand customers' needs more quickly and develop products suitable for customers' specific needs in a timely and targeted manner

sysmac family demo board

Mr. Fujimoto maoshu, President of OMRON Zhushi association industrial automation business company, and Mr. Ohashi Ohashi, the new president of Omron Automation (China) Co., Ltd., both said that 2011 was the beginning year of China's 12th Five Year Plan, and OMRON also launched the new ten-year strategy (vg2020). In the next decade, Omron Industrial automation will focus on three aspects: product category first, control first, and future first. Omron Automation China will further strengthen its sales capacity, improve the technical ability of technicians, and invest more efforts in publicity and promotion. Through the above measures, we will strive to achieve the goal of becoming a N0.1 automation supplier in the Chinese market by 2020

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