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In the afternoon of July 31, 2011, more than 100 guests came to the Huajia villa in a quiet environment. The "Zhejiang photovoltaic enterprises' Training Seminar on resolving trade frictions and opening up international markets" hosted by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and organized by the Zhejiang provincial solar photovoltaic industry foreign trade warning 6 and the sand slurry tensile testing machine end of operation demonstration site was held here

among the representatives of enterprises participating in this training seminar, there were many chairmen and general managers of Zhejiang photovoltaic enterprises, and the leaders participating in the seminar included liudanyang, deputy director of the import and Export Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Nan Cunhui, chairman of Zhejiang Federation of industry and Commerce and chairman of Zhejiang Chint Group Co., Ltd

"it's an opportunity to think"

"photovoltaic enterprises are particularly close to the three words' going global '

" to achieve the global optimal allocation of enterprise resources "

the photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang Province is cautious in capacity expansion and has a strong sense of risk prevention. Under the current situation, how to" fine management ", reduce costs, reduce risks, and make itself alive after the" industrial winter ", Even "emerging" is the leading idea for the development of Zhejiang photovoltaic enterprises

Liu Danyang, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, felt deeply about the significance of this meeting, which is mainly composed of cylinders, mainly composed of cylinders, shelves, sealing covers, gearboxes, electromechanical, hoppers, counters and other components. He said that if the photovoltaic industry was in a good situation as it was in 2010, there should not be such a meeting today. At present, the whole photovoltaic industry is facing great difficulties from all aspects. Under such circumstances, Zhejiang Province, led by the government, organizes enterprises to calm down together in the crisis, thinking about how to participate in and deal with international trade frictions, and how to adjust their thinking for development, which is of special significance

according to Han Jie, deputy director general of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, in 2011, Zhejiang's photovoltaic industry exported $3.15 billion to the world, including $240million to the United States and $2.52 billion to Europe. The weak international market and the imminent international trade frictions are a good time for the photovoltaic industry in our province to meditate. For this reason, many departments of the Department of Commerce have made long-term preparations for this event

several chief representatives from Mississippi, Arizona and Illinois in the United States all conveyed a common message at the meeting. Chinese enterprises investing in the United States will be equally regarded as experimental schemes that can be corresponding to different standards. American local enterprises will have the same opportunity to participate in domestic projects, even military projects. On the PPT of the speech, the International Investment Promotion Association of the two rivers region in frankfromy, Germany, has impressively had a number of cases of Zhejiang photovoltaic enterprises investing and setting up branches locally first

in addition, by setting up factories in national overseas industrial parks including Thailand and Vietnam, transforming products into overseas manufacturing is also a strategic development way to resolve trade frictions in the photovoltaic industry. "Through 'going out' to achieve the global optimal allocation of resources", the development of photovoltaic industry today, enterprises "going out" development has been very necessary

at the meeting, the introduction of the Mexican Industrial Park particularly attracted the attention of participating enterprises. Mexico has now become one of the countries in Latin America that have signed the most free trade area agreements. These agreements cover the three major economic regions of North America, the European Union and Japan, and are aimed at the vast number of Latin American countries. In particular, Mexico's participation in the North American Free Trade Area Agreement, coupled with low local land, taxes, labor costs and a good business environment, makes investing in Mexico a very strategic choice for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to enter the U.S. market

there are many ways for enterprises to go out, including "going out" of markets, commodities, personnel, enterprises, etc., and "going out" of brands, etc. The seminar introduced the realization of overseas promotion of enterprises through international communication platforms, which inspired the representatives of participating enterprises

"you can hear a needle fall to the ground."

"listen to the central government, watch Europe and the United States, and do your own."

"competition brings prosperity"

in his speech, Nan Cunhui, chairman of the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, expressed his views on the thinking of "double anti" and how to understand himself and how to formulate countermeasures. The host commented, "everyone listened very carefully, and even a needle fell to the ground."

speaking of Chint's development path, chairman Nan said that we have 12 words, "listen to the central government, look at Europe and the United States, and do our own." Following the guidance of the government, pay close attention to the domestic market, pay close attention to the European and American markets and study their learnable places, recognize themselves, adhere to technological innovation, adhere to the relationship with the main industry, and adhere to the brand. Chint Group is full of confidence in the future of the photovoltaic industry

"competition brings prosperity". Chairman Nan finally sent this sentence to you. As an emerging strategic industry, the photovoltaic industry has level 1 maintenance: cleaning, fastening and lubrication operations are generally carried out, which is fundamentally different from traditional industries such as low-voltage electrical appliances, such as policy markets, large financial needs, and advanced technologies are mostly abroad. The optimization of global energy pattern is an inevitable trend. Photovoltaic enterprises should recognize the situation, industrial characteristics and their own strength, actively adjust their thinking in the face of difficulties, and gradually form their own competitive advantages to achieve healthy development

"fighting and not fighting are definitely different"

"group response"

"make the voice of Zhejiang photovoltaic industry"

according to the materials released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, in the U.S. photovoltaic double reverse case against China, a total of 68 Chinese enterprises applied for the average tax rate qualification, 59 enterprises were approved, of which 20 enterprises involved in Zhejiang Province actively participated, all of which are listed. Hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association undertook the work of Zhejiang photovoltaic industry foreign trade early warning demonstration site, actively and seriously organized enterprises to respond to the case, accumulated solid work experience and played a very important role

on July 24, the European Commission has officially accepted the application for anti-dumping investigation against Chinese photovoltaic products. The EU has been the largest export market of Zhejiang photovoltaic industry for many years. If the case is established, the number of enterprises involved in the case in Zhejiang Province will be very large. Only by actively responding to it, can enterprises have the opportunity to seek future market opportunities for themselves. At the thematic meeting on response and coordination held in the afternoon of August 1, the participating enterprises listened carefully to the analysis of the case and the analysis of coping strategies, which reflected their high attention to this major case

unlike other provinces, Zhejiang's photovoltaic industry is cautious in capacity expansion and has a strong sense of risk prevention. Under the current situation, how to "fine management", reduce costs, reduce risks, and make yourself alive after the "industrial winter", or even "take the lead", is the leading idea for the development of Zhejiang's photovoltaic enterprises. In addition, the photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang Province has its own unique "singles champion" characteristics, with a large number of segment product leaders represented by Hangzhou foster photovoltaic materials Co., Ltd

recognizing themselves, expanding ideas for breakthroughs, and strengthening regional cooperation together, Zhejiang photovoltaic enterprises will also increasingly voice the voice of Zhejiang photovoltaic industry in the process of responding to cases

Zhao Yonghong

leader of Zhejiang solar photovoltaic industry foreign trade early warning working group

Secretary General of Hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association


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