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Photoshop practical reverse negative impulse tutorial

1 Open a picture to strengthen the protection of the blanking opening. On the channel control panel, select the blue channel, pull down the image menu, use the application image command, select reverse phase, use positive lamination in the mixing mode, and the opacity is 50%, confirm

2. Select the green channel and repeat the above operation, but set the opacity to 20% and confirm

3. Select the red channel, or use the application image command, set the mixing mode to color deepening, and do not set others, confirm

4。 Use the color scale command to adjust the levels of light and dark parts of the changed blue, green and red channels

blue ---21 0.76 151 green ---46 1.37 221 red ---51 1.28 255

5 In closing the channel, adjust - brightness contrast brightness -3, contrast +16

select the image - with the review of the recommended catalogue and the adjustment of policies such as the subsidy New Deal - adjust - Hue/Saturation - adjust the saturation to +17, and confirm

remember, this action will become the basis for everyone to enter the door, on which we can play a lot of tricks, Here is a picture effect I made two days ago:

a special effect of reversing the negative impact of the revision of Jinan testing machine is that red, green, blue and yellow will be particularly prominent. It is emphasized in the picture, and you can see the difference by comparing the original picture

(to be continued)

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