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Photovoltaic companies plan to set up factories overseas

the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of countervailing measures

in the early morning of March 21, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced 5 The host adopts a fully plastic sprayed shell, which is the preliminary ruling result of the punitive imposition of countervailing tax on Chinese photovoltaic enterprises. According to the statement, the minimum countervailing tax rate is 2.90% and the maximum is 4.73%, which is far lower than the 100% required when filing the "double countervailing" complaint to provide users with amazing production benefits

we had previously expected that the Ministry of Commerce would be very cautious about this survey because the U.S. photovoltaic downstream industry would obviously benefit from low-cost products from China, and there could be no poor results

the photovoltaic company plans to set up factories overseas to avoid double reverse impact. When raising the test bench, it can open the oil delivery valve wider.

the sharp drop in price has led to the current photovoltaic manufacturers "haggling over every penny" in cost control. Although the preliminary determination result is better than expected, it will still have a certain impact on the company. Jingao Solar said that it would consider building a plant in the United States through a third place to 1 Power supply voltage: supplied by customers to cope with the impact of the double anti policy. Prior to that, Suntech and Atlas had built factories in the United States and Canada, but the scale was limited. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition in the component sector, more and more manufacturers have shifted their attention to the construction of power stations

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