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New products sell fiercely Foton Lovol reshapes the market pattern of corn machine

new products sell fiercely Foton Lovol reshapes the market pattern of corn machine

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on August 28, a corn field in the suburbs of Weifang was crowded. At the 8th Weifang "Foton LOVOL Cup" agricultural machinery technology demonstration to the countryside and Weicheng Sanqiu operation site meeting held on the same day, Foton Lovol heavy industry took part in the demonstration activities with its leading products such as Gushen Sanxing and Sixing corn harvesters and Lovol large and medium horsepower tractors

but seeing the corn harvest probability of Lovol Ceres cb03, we set out first, and neatly "fed three rows of corn to the inlet". After the miscellaneous removal and peeling process, golden corn cobs were quickly piled up in the granary. The corn straw that used to stand proudly was shredded like silk by the field returning machine - the previous process of farmers peeling corn bracts by hand disappeared, and the corn straw was directly beaten into fertilizer. Lovol tractors followed closely with rotary cultivators, subsoiling machines and no tillage seeders. This "one-stop" modern machine harvesting, machine farming and machine seeding operation mode enables local people to fully appreciate the product strength and style of Foton Lovol heavy industry at their home

since June, the hot summer is in full swing, Lovol has entered the busy production and marketing hours of corn machines in advance, and until now, the average daily departure is more than 150. According to the data of Foton Lovol heavy industry in 2014, by the end of September, Lovol Ceres corn machine products had accumulated production and sales of more than 12000 units,

it is worth mentioning that this year Lovol adjusted the structure of products, and through careful research and development, launched a new member of the corn machine family - Lovol Ceres cb03) jade plus SMC process, which will bring a more efficient production process and the lowest material waste, and the rice machine will get a good reputation, This is a classic product specially designed and developed for the Central Plains region according to the force value of the tested range of the experimental machine. It is loved by a wide range of households in the region for its "short body, high efficiency and reliability, not too big or small, and just right use", and its contribution to the overall sales of Lovol corn machines has also reached more than 50%

user demand orientation: comprehensive innovation and upgrading of products

good sales, products must have two brushes

the reason is that Lovol Ceres cb03 corn machine not only focuses on the two breakthroughs of machine harvesting efficiency and machine harvesting effect, but also takes into account the reliability and flexibility of the whole machine, and captures the hearts of users with the market positioning of "classic" products

according to the personnel of LOVOL Technology Research Institute, based on the original mature products, Lovol Ceres cb03 retains the configuration, performance, efficiency, reliability and other indicators of the original mature large-scale corn harvester, takes into account vehicle performance and flexibility, further improves the working efficiency of the corn harvester, and maximizes the needs of users in the Central Plains region. Its biggest feature is that the body is short, including the length of the whole vehicle of 6.75 meters, which is considered to be the golden size of corn machine products. It not only meets the layout needs of the operating device of the corn machine itself, but also effectively controls the size of the whole vehicle, achieving the compactness and flexibility of the whole vehicle. Turning around in the field has become the "specialty" of Gushen cb03

it is understood that the short body design is to improve the applicability of the product and effectively ensure the product operation effect, operation efficiency and user income. Because the corn planting areas in the central plains are generally small plots of retail planting, with short row spacing and a large number of rows, the turning of large corn machines is not only inconvenient, but also easy to overwhelm the plants when receiving goods, while the configuration of small corn machines is not high, resulting in low efficiency, which can not meet the increasingly high operating requirements of users for corn machines, which makes Lovol Ceres cb03 corn machines have a place to show their skills

of course, the short body is not enough. The new technology and high configuration contained in the product are the content that should "see the essence through the appearance"

admittedly, this corn machine is full of high-end and technical elements. First of all, in terms of improving the harvesting efficiency, its ear picking system adopts three groups of roller type ear picking table, and the length of the ear picking roller is lengthened in the design process. In the process of ear picking and stem pulling, a large part of the peel of the ear is peeled off at the ear picking table, which not only reduces the pressure of the peeling system, realizes the smoothness of harvest, but also improves the stripping rate of the ear

in terms of improving the operation effect, Lovol Ceres cb03 corn conveyor collection and ear processing system has also been upgraded, using a central elevator, three groups of high and low roller peeling machines in the vertical, inclined placement of trash fans, especially the double screw auger grain cleaning mechanism. This is because with the continuous development of new materials and new processes, the bracts are turned forward by the upper auger, then led into the lower auger, and then reversed again, Thoroughly drop the hidden grains into the recycling tank and clean them; The straw treatment system adopts the straight knife + machete combined field returning machine with the best crushing effect. In addition to the traditional stem returning, the bract guide plate is also set behind the grain cleaning system to guide the bracts originally scattered behind the field returning machine into the front end of the field returning machine, and crush and return the field together with the stem. It is more convenient to dry or deeply bury the crushed stem. The chassis system adopts hydraulic drive continuously variable transmission + open side reduction (upgraded closed side reduction), narrow wheel base, short wheelbase, and flexible operation. At the same time, the working efficiency of this type of corn machine is much higher than that of the existing small three row corn machine, and is the same as that of the existing large three row corn machine, which ensures the efficiency and the income of users

it is also understood that in order to meet the requirements of market diversification, according to the different configurations of main parts, Gushen cb03 series corn machines have successively developed three product combinations with different prices of low configuration, medium configuration and high configuration, which more widely meet the needs of different levels of user groups. A senior agricultural machinery official in Shanxi said that Lovol's corn machine this year was "very humanized"

"only by focusing on customer needs can we make products that users are satisfied with. Foton Lovol heavy industries' product research and development has always focused on the core of customer needs, so as to achieve a market situation of accurate product positioning, fast research and development, high praise, and meeting users' all-round needs." Wang Bin, assistant general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry and general manager of the marketing company of the agricultural equipment division, said

comprehensive strength advantage: reshape the market pattern of corn machine

needless to say, in recent years, Foton Lovol heavy industry has been slow to launch high-tech products in the field of corn machine, which has been criticized by its peers and downstream dealers, and has not achieved the same strong advantage as the wheat machine field. As the first leading enterprise of domestic agricultural equipment, this is what it resents. However, as an increasingly mature and rational enterprise, Lovol did not rush too fast and pursue speedism too much, but wanted to build its own brand in the field of corn machine with a deep and pragmatic style and path

in previous years, based on the optimistic expectation of the corn machine market, various enterprises swarmed in. With the corn machine market in Northeast China, especially in Heilongjiang, becoming saturated, and local sales being too affected by policies, the Central Plains and North China, which have a huge demand for corn machines, are becoming the main battlefields for corn machine manufacturers, and the market competition can be described as a bayonet. In the past, the enterprises that focused on occupying the field of northeast Sihang corn machine are constantly extending southward, and some enterprises even give up other regions and devote all their energy to the Central Plains market. Foreign funded enterprises such as John Deere, HAQ (Handan) and even Kubota also want to gain a place in the Central Plains market, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In this situation, as users become more mature and rational in consumption, users pay more attention to the connotation of product technology and reliability. Only enterprises with comprehensive advantages can stand out and establish their own brand status

in recent years, Foton Lovol heavy industry has continuously accelerated the upgrading of manufacturing technology, and the company has invested 360million yuan to focus on the construction of large-scale harvesting machinery coating workshop, large-scale harvesting machinery assembly workshop and harvesting machinery testing ground; Invest 52 million yuan in processing, welding, painting, assembly and other aspects to ensure the consistency and stability of product manufacturing quality; It also invested 60million yuan to introduce more than 90 sets of automation equipment, focusing on manufacturing automation, testing automation, logistics automation, and improving efficiency and quality assurance capabilities. These provide hardware guarantee for the company to produce first-class corn machine products, which many domestic small and medium-sized corn machine enterprises do not have at all

as a product shouldering the first-line position of domestic corn machine, Foton Lovol heavy industry strongly launched cb03 this year, and the company obviously has high hopes for it. Judging from the current sales situation, it is increasingly close to the expected value. At the beginning of July this year, Lovol heavy industries' technical and sales personnel visited users in many regions of Hebei and Shandong. After hearing the explanation and seeing the video of Lovol Ceres cr3d harvester test operation, local users made an appointment with local dealers. Recently, in Shangqiu, Xuchang and other places in Henan Province where corn is grown, Lovol Valley God cb03 has gained a good reputation. Liushouxue, a user in Minquan County, Shangqiu City who bought this corn harvester this year, said, "Lovol Ceres, a short body product, is very good, especially flexible, does not leak seeds, fast, and has good returning effect."

the good feedback from users and the market filled Wang Bin and other sales executives with confidence

of course, Wang Bin and others' confidence in the sales improvement of Lovol Ceres corn machine also comes from the following aspects: first, Lovol heavy industry's strong product innovation ability and lean manufacturing ability; Second, the company has strong channel advantages; Third, Lovol heavy industry's brand premium ability; Fourth, Lovol heavy industry's system sales service ability

Foton Lovol heavy industry has also made preparations for this year's corn machine sales campaign. At the beginning of the year, Lovol agricultural equipment business department systematically formulated a series of sales policies for Lovol Ceres series harvesters and Lovol tractors according to the market demand, actively driving the purchase demand of potential users. In addition, the company has made a series of arrangements for product use training and after-sales service to ensure that users can comprehensively improve their operation skills before operation, and ensure the operation effect and investment income

judging from the current market situation of disputes among hundreds of enterprises in the field of corn harvesters, it does not conform to the law of industrial development at all. With the changes in the macroeconomic trend and the development situation of the agricultural machinery market, the corn machinery market is also not the extensive growth period in which only production can make money in previous years. In fact, a number of small and medium-sized corn machine manufacturers have been eliminated from the market since last year, and will enter the stage of accelerated reshuffle in the corn machine market this year and next. Insiders believe that with the comprehensive strength of Foton Lovol heavy industry and the brand advantages accumulated over the years, its face as a strong integrator in the corn machine market has been revealed

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