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Sifang PLC EP1 series new products are about to be launched

Sifang Electric has launched a flexible and efficient PLC EP1 series new products after in-depth market research and several years of technical precipitation. The launch of EP1 series of new products is not only a major breakthrough in the product structure of Sifang company, but also an attempt to optimize automatic control solutions and meet the needs of customers in different markets. After early small-scale trial production and formal production, Sifang Electric's new product EP1 series PLC products were offline on April 16

the PLC ep1-m series launched this time is a micro high-performance, general-purpose logic controller with high inventory in individual steel mills. It has small structure and powerful functions, including data processing, network communication function, high-speed counting, pulse output positioning control function and analog quantity processing. It also has advanced functions of floating-point operation and writing EEPROM instructions. The ultra-high cost performance and simple operation mode make it an ideal choice for general-purpose hardness testers such as woodworking machinery, filling machinery, textile printing and dyeing, food packaging machinery, printing machinery, machine tools, chemical fiber machinery, etc. to formally test the samples after they are in the normal operation mechanism, which can effectively help customers maximize machine performance and business performance, Enhance the sustainable core competitiveness of enterprises in the era of industry 4.0

the offline of this product marks that the basic construction of Sifang electric PLC production line has been completed, and it has the ability to produce PLC products in large quantities. Next, to protect the environment, Sifang will conduct a comprehensive test on the off-line products. It is expected that the new PLC ep1-m series products will be put into the market in June

about Sifang electric

Shenzhen Sifang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen. Compared with the traditional grass grid used for sand prevention and control, it is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state and a software enterprise recognized by the Shenzhen Bureau of science, technology and information. Founded in 2004, the company specializes in the development, production, sales and service of industrial automation products and new energy products. The main products are frequency converter, servo driver, permanent magnet synchronous motor, PLC, HMI, electric vehicle controller, photovoltaic inverter and photovoltaic combiner box. At present, Sifang Electric has more than 300 employees and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad

Sifang electric takes becoming an excellent supplier of automation products and solutions as its corporate vision. In order to ensure the leadership and innovation of professional technology, it continues to improve the core competitiveness of products through continuous investment and optimization of R & D layout. Relying on the professional technology with independent intellectual property rights, the company is close to customers, continues to provide customers with satisfactory products and solutions, as well as active value-added services, and vigorously promotes industrial development and upgrading. At present, the company's products have been widely used in machine tools, plastics, lifting, construction, textiles, wires and cables, air compressors, water supply, HVAC, food, printing and packaging and other fields

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