The hottest new pursuit of home decoration in 2009

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The new pursuit of home decoration in 2009 -- colorful glass bricks

people are increasingly creating a warm and warm atmosphere through the variety of colors of glass bricks. Colors are often used in the latest crack proof composite floors and railings. Glass bricks are also more and more widely used in home furnishings. Choose the right glass bricks to bring more amazing effects to your home decoration compared with other materials

the application of glass brick is inseparable from the following advantages of glass brick:

1 Glass bricks can be used for exterior walls or interior partitions to provide good lighting effect and a sense of continuous space Whether used for single inlay or the whole wall, it has the effect of making the finishing point

2 glass brick is a low penetration sound insulation body, which can effectively block the interference of various outdoor noises

3. There is an approximate vacuum state of 0.3mm atmospheric pressure in the glass of the glass brick, which can make the glass brick have better thermal insulation effect than the double-layer glass

4. Glass brick is the best building material to save energy

generally speaking, glass bricks can be divided into the following two types:

1 Hollow glass: two pieces of glass are glued together by burning, and then the edge gap is tightly mixed with white glue and cement. Different design expressions can be made according to the size, size, pattern and color of glass bricks

in terms of patterns, you can choose transparent glass bricks, foggy glass bricks or textured glass bricks. How to choose depends on the lighting level required by the space The refraction degree of light will vary with the types of glass bricks

the choice of color depends on the performance of space color Generally transparent glass bricks, if the purity is not enough, the glass brick color will be green, lacking a natural sense of transparency Because academician Lu Yongxiang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering once said that the purity of glass will affect the color of the whole brick. The higher the purity of glass brick, the higher the relative price

2. Handmade art glass: it not only has excellent transparency, but also its handmade uniqueness and color variability, which can add a lot of points to home decoration The thickness of handmade art glass is thinner than hollow glass, about 2cm, and the decorative composition is higher, which can create a good lighting change effect

handmade art glass can be widely used in the decoration of walls and plates, or the change of lamp walls and embedded lamps. Its material is different from the decorations generally made of metal or other materials. It shows a uniform and soft light source by careful hand, providing the best choice for visual comfort and a high texture environment

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