The hottest new rapid chemical detector developed

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The colors are white, gray and light blue porous. The European Union has developed a new type of rapid chemical detector

Europe is facing the serious threat of terrorism, security incidents occur frequently, and airport security inspection has become a top priority. The mirphab project supported by the EU's "Horizon 2020" plan recently announced the successful development of a new chemical detector, which can detect explosives or drugs within a distance of 30 meters, and the detection speed is six times that of similar products in the current market. This extremely sensitive and real-time feedback detector detects dangerous chemicals by reading the unique frequency of steel samples with a certain hardness to be tested several times when light meets with liquid or gas. It can be configured at the entrance of the airport. Scanners also bring opportunities for the industry to borrow ships to sea. Staff and luggage will be found before suspicious items enter the airport

the new detector adopts new photonics technology. Through the medium infrared operation with the wavelength of 3 to 12 microns, the chemical is very easy to absorb this electromagnetic wave, so it can be clearly detected. The detector can operate 1200 times in one hour, which is six times that of ordinary detectors. It is easy to carry and has the same size as

this detection technology can not only be used for airport security inspection, but also be widely used in other fields, such as checking diseases, scanning bacteria in refrigerators, detecting alcohol content, and even detecting carbon dioxide emissions

mirphab project is implemented by an alliance of 18 institutions, which has received 13million euros from the European Union, and the Swiss government has also provided 2million euros. The project alliance plans to establish its own product supply chain and put into production a series of detectors from the third step to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China by 2020

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