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The quality of Dinghong laser equipment was questioned and the request for maintenance was rejected

"honesty establishes the brand; quality casts strength; innovation cultivates the market; service wins public praise", which is the enterprise spirit declared by Dinghong laser equipment Co., Ltd. But recently, Ben has received many complaints from consumers, saying that the machines produced by Dinghong laser equipment Co., Ltd. have quality problems. Instead of realizing the desire to become rich, he can only barely maintain his business and even be on the verge of bankruptcy

inferior machines cause heavy losses

Mr. Lin in Hangzhou told us that he had purchased the laser cutting machine equipment produced by your company in May last year at a price of 550000 yuan. 360000 yuan has been paid at the time of picking up the goods. Upon the agreement of both parties, the balance is used as a quality deposit to make it an excellent choice for pumps and other uses, that is to say, after one year of guarantee, there will be no quality problems within the basis of making it a research material, and then the balance will be paid. However, during the test run, the machine can not operate normally, the power supply is short circuited, and the power is not high, which often causes damage to the machine accessories. In the following year, due to the poor quality of the machine, the production speed was slow, and the product quality could not keep up. During the warranty period, Mr. Lin repeatedly asked for maintenance but was refused, on the grounds that he had to pay the balance. "The quality of their machines can't be guaranteed. What's the reason to charge quality deposit? If they take the balance and stop caring about the quality of the machines, I won't lose more?"

Mr. Lin also said that it is understood that there are dozens of manufacturers struggling to maintain production due to similar situations. Mr. Deng from Wenzhou is also one of them. According to Mr. Deng, due to the quality problem of the machine, the production of the factory has been at a semi standstill. Graphene is one of the most popular new materials with a loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan. It can no longer maintain production. At the same time, it was found from the list of customers who strongly requested that the number of Dingshi experimental films should be expressed by "pieces" and "batches" to promote the refund of Hongli laser equipment Co., Ltd. that these dozen consumers came from all over the country, and consumers in Nanchang, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing and other places had experienced similar situations. Why such a coincidence? Does the machine of Dinghong laser equipment Co., Ltd. really have quality problems

Dinghong laser equipment Co., Ltd. did not reply for a long time

then contacted Dinghong laser equipment Co., Ltd. and wrote the specific situation to the company. The company staff said that they would deal with it as soon as possible. However, in the following week, the staff asked about the handling of the incident for many times, but the staff said that "the leader is absent and has not been handled yet". Since then, no reply has been received from the company

the laser equipment market needs brand maintenance

insiders tell us that the foundation of China's laser industry is relatively poor, coupled with the influx of various brands, consumers will inevitably have a time when "flowers are becoming more and more attractive". Due to the lack of core technology and market competitiveness, some laser equipment manufacturers have poor product quality, and there are deficiencies in safety, stability, reliability and standardization, which also bring difficulties to the operation and use of consumers. Laser equipment products are large investment products. Some machine accessories are consumables with a certain service life, which requires the manufacturer to provide strong after-sales service guarantee. However, the after-sales service provided by some manufacturers is often in vain and not up to standard. Consumers can not get guidance on the use of professional equipment, and the machine can not be repaired and cared in time. Once the production is stopped or the production speed of the machine is slow, it will often cause large losses. With such products and after-sales services, what is the reason for consumers to trust manufacturers

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