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The product quality supervision and random inspection system will be significantly adjusted. In view of the phenomenon of repeated random inspection in the current quality supervision, the State Administration of quality and technical supervision will issue new measures to reduce repeated random inspection of the same enterprise. The new measures will add the following provisions: for the products supervised and spot checked by the upper level, the lower level shall not repeat the spot check; For the same product of the same enterprise, in addition to random inspection of unqualified products and major quality accidents, the quality of the same year is 1 Gb/t 20254.2 (2) 006 copper and copper alloy strip for lead frame part 2: spot check of U-shaped strip quantity shall not exceed two times. In addition, the state will determine 512 key enterprises that are only supervised and spot checked by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision. Products with long-term stable product quality and high market share will be transformed from "small, low and disorderly" to "large, high and homogeneous" products, which will be identified as inspection free products, and inspection free marks will be used

at the same time, the lubricating oil pump can also make a statement on rapid oil filling of the pulser:

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