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Many first-time decoration owners will worry about how to ensure their own decoration quality under the premise of controlling decoration investment? How to more accurately pretend to be the home style that you have been longing for in your heart for a long time? How to examine the engineering quality of the decoration company and many other problems, so I thought of looking at the construction site

what should we think of the decoration site under construction? What problems should I pay attention to? What details do you pay attention to? Let Changchun zimingdu decoration company tell you:

1. See whether the construction of hydropower is standardized, whether it is horizontal and vertical, and whether there are more hydropower lines. Whether the construction materials meet the national environmental protection standards and whether the late maintenance of concealed works is considered comprehensively

2. It depends on whether the site management is perfect. A site under construction can indirectly reflect the meticulous management of the company. Including the placement of site materials, whether attention is paid to eliminate potential safety hazards during construction, whether attention is paid to the control of environmental pollution, etc

3. Look at the protection of construction details, such as the protection of sewer outlets, the protection of water and electricity pipes, and the protection of installed doors and windows, which are easy to be ignored; Although everyone is protecting, there is a great difference in essence

4. It depends on the working attitude of workers and whether they work seriously and carefully. They will directly affect the quality of decoration projects. No matter how good workers are, if they are not careful and careful, it is difficult to do a good job on the construction site

in short, looking at the construction site is looking at the details. Details are often the most easily ignored but reflect major problems. For workers, details reflect quality; For a company, details represent image, and details determine success or failure





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