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The reason why the concealed works of decoration are called concealed works is that they are hidden and are not easy to be found during decoration, but these concealed works are often related to the problem of occupancy in the later stage. If you are not careful, you will bury various hidden dangers, resulting in inability to move in

decoration must not be careless concealed works: Drainage concealed works

1. Whether the water pipe leaks. The installation layout of PP-R pipe should be reasonable, horizontal and vertical, and pay attention to that the pipeline should not be close to the power supply, and the shortest straight-line distance between the pipeline and the power supply is 0.2 cm. The connection between the pipeline and sanitary ware must be tight, and there should be no leakage after water test

2. Whether the ground drainage is smooth. Toilets and kitchens are the main places for drainage, so the ground leveling should have a certain slope (2%), so as to ensure that water converges with natural water flow on the ground and eventually flows to the floor drain. However, it should be noted that the gradient should not be overemphasized simply for the sake of smooth water flow, because excessive gradient will affect aesthetics and skid resistance

3. Whether the waterproof layer is good. The waterproof requirements of kitchen, bathroom and back wall are higher than those of other rooms. The waterproof coating should be painted to 1.8m high, and other rooms should also be 0.3m high

decoration must not be careless concealed works: wire and pipeline works

1. Whether PVC pipelines are tightly connected. When the power line is buried in the wall, ceiling, floor or floor, it must pass through PVC pipe, and there should be no binding kink in the pipe. At the bend of the wire protection pipe, the supporting bending tool or supporting elbow should be used, and there should be no wrinkles

2. Protection of PVC pipe. After the laying of the ground circuit, wooden squares should be placed on both sides of the laid PVC pipe, or cement mortar should be used as slope protection to prevent the PVC pipe from being trampled by workers walking back and forth during construction. The distance between strong and weak electricity should be about 50 cm to reduce the electromagnetic interference between them and prevent safety accidents




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