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Stand on the shoulders of our predecessors in order to make fewer mistakes. Take a look at the summary of these decoration "passers-by", which may help you wake up and avoid detours. Lesson -- "qualification certificate? I have!" Lesson 1: decoration companies that undertake home decoration must have corresponding qualification certificates. Some decoration companies are affiliated and contracting enterprises, and some decoration contracts deliberately omit "entrusted agent" and other terms. Once something goes wrong, no one can be found. "Suddenly I think of a...

standing on the shoulders of predecessors in order to make fewer mistakes. Looking at the summary of these decoration" passers-by "may help you wake up and avoid detours

lesson --

"qualification certificate? I have!"

lesson 1: decoration companies undertaking home decoration must have corresponding qualification certificates. Some decoration companies are affiliated and contracting enterprises, and some decoration contracts deliberately omit "entrusted agent" and other terms. Once something goes wrong, no one can be found

"suddenly came up with a good idea!"

lesson 2: some decoration companies will deliberately abandon some required projects when quoting, and then "add" projects after signing the contract. At this time, the unit price is up to others the final say

"help, don't be so serious. It's not easy for everyone to earn money."

lesson 3: when decorating and checking out, only wiring can use more than 180 meters of wires, which can be wound three times in the house. This kind of money is simply a waste of repetition

"only imported stones can 'achieve the effect'."

lesson 4: even if there are decorative materials with cheaper prices and better decorative effects, designers will not use them in design, because building materials will give rebates to decoration companies or designers

"if you spend 200, you might as well stick another 100 to buy a good one."

Lesson 5: the decoration budget is so overspent... Some decoration companies take over the project at a low price, which is bound to lay a "trap" in the following decoration. "Low price" is the "bait" of "fishing". As soon as the construction contract is signed, the decoration company begins to "close the line"

"I haven't slept in for more than two months."

Lesson 6: Decoration foremen or workers will always send owners to buy this and that. In fact, many parts are included in the project funds. The decoration foreman will always seize various opportunities

"they are all people, so why is the difference so big!"

Lesson 7: some decoration companies may promise discounts. After signing the contract, the decoration company will explain to consumers that only some items can enjoy discounts, and the high deposit is not refunded, which makes consumers unable to stop

"there should be a cabinet in the partition of this room."

Lesson 8: water, electricity and woodworking are the main sources of money, so it's strange that the contractor doesn't persuade. Besides, if carpentry is done at the owner's house, it will occupy the site, be dirty and messy, and have a strong smell of paint

"just make do where you can't see!"

Lesson 9: consumers generally pay more attention to the "visible and touchable" conventional engineering projects such as carpenters, bricklayers, oilers, etc., but they know little about concealed works and some details, and many construction personnel often make articles here

"we threw away these waste products for you?"

Lesson 10: maybe the things sold are not very valuable, but it is a matter of principle to sell them at will without the consent of the owner. It's best to make it clear in advance. This is the rule and the rule

dark part

"if the original brand materials are out of stock during decoration, Party B (home decoration company) can temporarily replace the same materials."

shady Scene 1: This is a typical concept of stealing and setting a trap on the text of the contract. There are many explanations for this "same material", whether it is of the same quality, the same brand or the same price. The terms are not specified, and there is a lot of room for fraud

"there will be no problem after modifying the quotation for 3 or 4 times."

behind the scenes 2: the quotation needs to be modified many times before the formal contract is signed, and finally the other party will give the owner a finalized sample. At this time, we must pay attention to verification. Some decoration companies or foremen may cheat on the process description or area

"we are all professional procurement and unified distribution."

dark curtain 3: known as professional procurement, in fact, some irregular decoration companies are not strong enough to achieve unified procurement and distribution. Shopping on the street is cheap and can get kickbacks

"I know several reputable companies in the building materials market."

behind the scenes 4: after some contractors are very "serious and responsible" to accompany the owners to the material market, they either say that the quality of this one is poor, or that the price is fraudulent. When the owner is exhausted, he will lose no time to recommend several "reputable" businesses

"the grade of materials when entering the site is quite clear."

behind the scenes 5: the foreman knows best what materials, specifications and grades of products to use. If the owner is not careful and cares, the inferior materials will sneak into the site in this way

"when do you think the interim payment for decoration can be paid in advance?"

dark curtain 6: just a few days after the construction started, the foreman always said that materials would be imported, and the interim project had arrived, urging the owner to pay the interim payment. When signing a contract, it is best to specify what links, standards and money to pay, so as to avoid further trouble

"don't worry, this installation is very safe!"

behind the scenes 7: in order to save money and time, some decoration companies often pull wires directly. In this way, if the wires are accidentally burned, the entire wall must be destroyed when reinstalling the wires, and the results can be imagined

"the single area has been calculated very clearly."

behind the scenes 8: general owners also pay attention to the price of individual items. As for the actual area, it is generally estimated, and this area is the place where the decoration company or foreman do the chores. If the area of each item is slightly increased, it is at least hundreds, and at most thousands

"the electrician of the decoration foreman is a versatile worker."

dark curtain 9: some decoration companies have the same hydraulic and electrician, who have neither work license nor major. Once there is a problem with hidden projects such as hydropower, it will be a big trouble

"where are all the good building materials I bought?"

behind the scenes 10: workers may replace the high-quality and big brand latex paint with fake and inferior products, and then sell those high-quality paints secretly or transfer them to other places for use




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