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Home decoration is a systematic project. Many common problems in home decoration are often ignored by consumers, leaving many regrets. Some experts in the industry have analyzed this, hoping to play a vigilant role in preventing possible troubles when consumers decorate their homes

problem 1: no storage space is left for future chaos

Mr. Zhang first bought a house of more than 80 square meters. Before his marriage, he made a 2.6-meter-high wall wardrobe in both bedrooms, which began to be very applicable. After getting married, there are eight quilts of different sizes sent by parents and married by their wives. After having children, clothes, shoes and toys are also accumulated day by day. The home is in a mess, and clothes are hung on the sofa and the back of the chair. In summer, when you change mats and pillows, you have to squeeze the cabinet desperately

experts suggest that sufficient storage space should be left in the home decoration design, and the overall storage room such as cloakroom can be designed in the limited space for future use

problem 2: concealed engineering circuits are always short circuited without acceptance

Ms. sun was sitting in a brand-new study. She originally felt very comfortable, but as soon as she opened the computer, she tripped. Ms. sun had to temporarily connect a wiring board from another room. Although the problem of short circuit was solved, it damaged the overall beauty of the study. Later, after Ms. sun asked relevant personnel to test, she found that the switch on the wall behind the desk connected the live wire and zero wire incorrectly, resulting in a short circuit when using electrical appliances

experts suggest that after the decoration is completed, the owner should not only try all the electrical switches by himself, but also invite professionals to check whether the circuit installation is qualified. At the same time, don't forget to ask the home decoration company for the decoration drawings of the circuit and waterway for future repair and maintenance

problem 3: frequently change painters, the color difference of wall paint is large

Mr. Wei's decoration construction takes a long time, some of which require continuous construction and can't guarantee the same master from beginning to end. For example, three people have been changed before and after the painter. Different masters have different skills, and the blue wall paint is painted in different depths

experts suggest that in order to maintain the overall effect of home decoration, the owner should urge the decoration company to carry out continuous operation in the decoration process, not only that a certain process should be constructed by a specially assigned person, but also pay attention to continuity in the construction time, so as to avoid bad decoration effect

problem 4: the floor drain doesn't leak, and the water overflows the golden mountain

when Mr. Wang's home was decorating the main bathroom, the drainage place of the floor drain was not the lowest place, because he didn't expect to lay ceramic tiles at the beginning of the decoration, so he and the foreman forgot this most basic and important requirement during the construction. When the construction was completed, the sanitary ware had been installed, and Mr. Wang was too troublesome to change. But since then, Mr. Wang has endured the pain of flooding the golden mountain after taking a bath every day

experts suggest that drainage is the key to the decoration of the bathroom. When checking and accepting the bathroom, the owner must not forget to detect the drainage system, which will not only affect the mood of bathing in the future, but also cause water leakage in the bathroom in serious cases, and even cause erosion of furniture in other rooms

question 5: different wood products will inevitably be messy

Miss Chen, the owner, saw the prompt before decoration. In order to maintain the overall feeling of the furniture environment, she should try to choose wood products with similar colors. Therefore, she chose Fraxinus mandshurica brush color (shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, desk, wine counter surface), teak (a small number of door panels in the bookcase), oak (dining table, chair and tea table) and walnut (bedroom furniture). After the decoration, I found that even if the color is similar, after all, the texture and appearance are completely different, and I even feel messy, not unified, and difficult to upgrade

experts suggest that when decorating, the wood products of home decoration should consider the same variety and color as much as possible, which can not only produce a sense of unity, but also help to improve the grade

problem 6: the decoration is not completed, and there is a problem in the clearing.

Mr. long bought a villa, and he was in an urgent mood to move. In order to urge the decoration company to complete as soon as possible, Mr. long paid all the money to the decoration company when the project reached 80%. When the decoration was finished, Mr. long found that many places were not satisfactory. When he came to the decoration company for theory, the decoration company evaded and prevaricated for various reasons

experts suggest: Generally speaking, the decoration cost should be paid to the decoration company in several batches, and the last payment must be paid after the owner personally accepts or invites an expert to accept the decoration, and the acceptance time is preferably about a week after the completion of the project. If you haven't finished the decoration, you should pay the full amount. If something goes wrong, it's difficult to protect your rights





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