The quality of the lightest machine bed depends on

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The quality of machine tools depends on accumulation and precipitation

because some low-quality equipment often encounters resistance in operation

not all countries can manufacture machine tools. This is a "delicate job"

in Japan, Germany and other industrial powers, senior mechanical technicians have a high social status, and they are "respected people," said fetscher. This is not entirely because they are "skilled", but also based on their "Virtue"

in the gap between the machine tool exhibition, a parts supplier from Beijing said with emotion that their pressure testing machine is widely used. The company is planning to use 200million euros to purchase a patented machine tool technology in Europe, but it is "very tempting" to see the real estate "go up". 200million euros is nearly 2billion yuan. If you invest in Beijing real estate, it may double to 20billion yuan in a few years. "How do you feel if you take another 2billion euros to build machine tools?"

the temptation of profit is everywhere, and the pressure of profit is also huge. A salesperson from Beijing Institute of mechanical and electrical engineering said that it is "too difficult" for domestic machine tool enterprises to break through the technical bottleneck. The difficulty does not lie in "insufficient R & D capacity, not that Chinese people are not smart, or even that people don't sell you technology", but "most enterprises can't stand the huge cost invested in the early stage: BBT 0024 ⑵ 004"

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