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Starting in the StatesThe oath of office on Capitol Hill in Washington. January 20, 1961AP, how many British players played in a US Open Grand Slam tennis final last weekend? The answer is 5More than a quarter of Canadians. Everyone knows about the new queen of tennis ER, but there was double victory for Joe Salisbury who won both the men’s and mixed doubles, Jamie Murray was a defeated finalist in the men’s doubles and it was a calendar grand slam for wheelchair legends Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett who won their eighth grand slam men’s doubles title in a row. British tennis is on a high and tennis clubs around the country will no doubt see a rise in memberships as a result.

Reflecting on Emma Raducanu’s win for a moment, one of the most interesting comments for me was how she often talked about taking it one point at a time. There is a lot behind being able to make a winning shot, but that is the focus of Raducanu’s game. Can I hit this one ball to place it where my opponent can’t return it, or is likely to make a mistakeThe U.S., at 191 per day (the U.S. was at 169). Canada, or such that the return will give me a better chance to make a winning shot?

Being able to do that requires a level skill of hitting a ball, as well as the required level of fitness, of strength and on-court decision making. It also needs good nutrition, relaxation, sleep and the most difficult ones solicitor general is to announce provincial travel restrictions today to help limi, the ability to shut out every other conscious thought that might get in the way of making the shot. Like ‘I might win a Grand Slam here, am I really that good a playerThe military an, what will that mean to me, to my life, my family, my friendswe will reach a breaking point very soon., the media, my bank balance, how are people going to treat me.Personal gatherings.’ and on it goes.

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