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We know that the main task of intelligent transportation system is to make traffic safer, save time and save cost. In order to help the transportation industry to achieve this goal of relaxation, the American iteris company has developed a video detection technology for the application of intelligent traffic signal control system with the most advanced technology in the world - vantage video vehicle detector for its industry

The vantage video vehicle detector adopts the most advanced digital video technology in the world. In addition to being perfectly integrated into the intelligent traffic signal control system and the electronic police capture system, it can also be seamlessly integrated into the traffic data acquisition system

. Its dual functions are widely used in urban intelligent traffic signal control, urban electronic police, urban traffic data acquisition, highway tunnels Bridge accident monitoring system. At present, vantage video vehicle detector has been used in more than 30000 systems around the world, and has become one of the most popular vehicle detection products with the most in use performance in the world

in this scheme, vantage edge2 single and dual video detection modules (hardware) are integrated into various inductive signal controllers to realize the intelligent control of traffic signals. Vantage edge2 module can be applied to urban point control, wire control and area control systems to realize inductive or adaptive control, and can be seamlessly integrated with scoot, scats and other systems

II. Vantage operational performance advantages

for the application of urban intelligent traffic signal control, vantage video detection technology has the following advantages compared with induction coil detection technology:

1 Easy to install

vantage video detector uses the camera installed on the lighting pole of the intersection to collect video images, and then the video processing module installed in the signal control machine analyzes and processes them to obtain the necessary signal control information, so as to realize the intelligent control of the intersection! The realization of video control process only needs to install the necessary camera on the lighting pole or special column, without cutting and damaging the road surface, or even laying a long coil feeder cable, which minimizes the time of closing the road. In addition, the position of the video virtual coil can be placed arbitrarily according to needs, while the induction coil cannot move arbitrarily according to the changes of road conditions after being installed in a position, otherwise repeated cutting of the road will seriously affect the service life of the road

2. Easy to set

vantage video detector itself has all the setting functions, and it can be set on site without laptop. A setting menu can be displayed on each video image. Using the mouse and video menu, the detection area can be drawn on the camera video image and all parameters can be set, which is very convenient

vantage also has the function of dynamic region setting (DZR). This technology allows you to create a new detection region or modify a detection region at any time without affecting the normal work of other detection regions. Then, once the new detection area setting is saved, it will immediately start background learning and detection! The most engineering but meaningful thing is that vantage's operation is very simple, and the basic training work can be completed in less than an hour

in addition, the position of the video virtual coil can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the road conditions, and its coil function attributes can also be set according to needs, such as: presence, delay, delay, pulse experiment method: impulse and count. Selecting coils with different attributes can realize different control requirements. Each video image can be set with 24 such virtual coils

the signal output channel of each video virtual coil can be defined arbitrarily. Edge2 module itself can provide four independent output channels. If necessary, we can add extended output channels. For example, we can add four more output channels if we want to add the red light running snapshot trigger function while controlling the signal light. Each channel output has manual test switches

. Using these switches, it is very convenient to debug the working performance of the signal light controller

3. Easy to maintain

in intersection control, we often encounter changes in traffic conditions or good trading atmosphere in the road maintenance market. At this time, we may need to change the detection position of the virtual coil, which is very simple for video detection, and there is no need to close the road; Compared with induction coil detection, it needs to seal the road and re cut the road. Such maintenance requires a lot of manpower and financial resources. What's more, if the induction coil breaks due to road deformation during use, it will be more troublesome! The service life of the induction coil is about 2-5 years (depending on the traffic volume and road temperature), while the service life of the vantage video detector is more than 10 years

in addition, vantage also has a VRAS remote management system, which is a powerful software tool. It uses RS232 communication port to remotely manage and control edge2, which is used to monitor the field traffic flow, provide user support and system diagnosis and other functions, especially when you need to reset the virtual coil, you can complete it in the monitoring center without going to the field to operate

, which is very convenient for maintenance

III. vantage detection performance advantages

1 High detection reliability

for intersection control applications, vantage video detector can achieve% detection accuracy under any weather and light conditions, which is similar to the detection accuracy of imported high-end induction coil detector (reaction time is better than 10ms). Vantage adopts digital signal processing technology (DSP), which enables it to face the challenges of various weather conditions and lighting conditions. Whether it is day or night, rain or sunny, it can provide accurate and reliable traffic detection. It is not affected by weather or temperature, and truly realizes all-weather detection and control

in addition, under some special road conditions, we can also stack a virtual coil to improve the reliability of detection

2. Advanced video detection algorithm

① solution to the problem of night detection: during night detection, the vantage system will run the forced lamp detection algorithm (

ehda). When the system determines that the sky is dark, it will automatically run the EHDA algorithm, which will automatically track and identify the vehicle headlights, so as to reduce the impact of night light on the detection accuracy

② solution to the influence of ponding and Reflection on the road: Vantage system algorithm has

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