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  • Detail launched its crowdfunding business to expand its financial territory. By means of group buying, forced Alibaba to launch its crowdfunding business. On July 1, announced that it had officially launched its crowdfunding business, and's financial territory was expanded again. On July 1, announced the official launch of crowdfunding business, and's financial territory expanded again

previously, JD finance was mainly composed of four business segments, namely banking, supply chain finance, consumer finance and platform business. The launch of JD small Treasury in March this year was seen as the basic formation of the layout of JD finance

now, the crowdfunding business has become the fifth largest business segment of JD finance, and JD has also become another large-scale e-commerce after Alibaba and Baidu to enter the crowdfunding field

according to Liu qiangdong's plan, the Internet financial business will become the new growth point of in the future. The launch of crowdfunding business once again revealed Liu qiangdong's ambitions in the field of Internet finance

for, its Internet Finance may have just begun

the fifth largest financial sector

in fact, before this, the industry had greater expectations for's involvement in P2P

according to the financial weekly, as early as July 2013, before and after the independence of JD financial business unit, JD financial has applied for a license, which is the business license generally held by P2P companies at present

although it was once rumored in the industry that would enter the P2P field, so far, finance has not clearly expressed its intention to get involved in P2P business, and its license, which has been attracting much attention, is mostly used as a strategic reserve

after the establishment of four basic sectors of Internet finance, the next city of JD finance has become the focus of the industry

last year, sales, credit and other businesses based on third-party payment received great attention. I think only online lending and crowdfunding will have broad prospects for development. Its financing volume will not be higher than that of traditional finance, but the people it serves will have great room for expansion. At the summit of the new financial alliance, Wu Xiaoling, Dean of Tsinghua Wudaokou School of finance, made such an analysis seems to have the same understanding. In the end,'s fifth largest financial sector is not P2P, but crowdfunding

first of all, product crowdfunding will become a useful supplement to e-commerce platforms, which can move the position of the industrial chain of e-commerce platforms forward to the stage before mass production. Second, equity crowdfunding will become an effective supplement to angel investment. Jin Lin, head of JD financial crowdfunding business, said to

at present, domestic crowdfunding is mainly divided into four categories: product crowdfunding, public welfare crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, bond crowdfunding, etc. Among them, product crowdfunding refers to investors' investment in crowdfunding projects to obtain products or services. In contrast, product crowdfunding has a wider audience and lower legal and credit risks

according to the financial weekly, the crowdfunding business launched by this time is mainly positioned in the field of product crowdfunding, and its business focus is to test the water in the fields of intelligent hardware and popular culture

the first 12 crowdfunding projects launched by JD crowdfunding are also limited to the above two areas, including 7 intelligent hardware projects and 5 popular culture projects

in Jinlin's view, has accumulated a number of high-quality customers with high viscosity after more than ten years of development, especially in the sales advantages of 3C, it, audio-visual, books and other fields. finance can effectively inject these customers into the two major sectors of intelligent hardware and popular culture in crowdfunding business

JD finance takes the position of e-commerce platform in the industrial chain first, and changes the simple sales platform into an incubation platform from creativity to mass production, completely overturning the traditional e-commerce model that nearly 20% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the transportation sector. IResearch senior analyst Wang Weidong said

in the view of insiders, JD finance's crowdfunding strategy is to focus on the intelligent hardware and popular culture fields with the largest sales volume from its e-commerce advantages

it is understood that in the field of intelligent hardware, JD crowdfunding platform will also cooperate with jd+ plan, maker community, manufacturer, content service provider, channel provider, etc. to build an open ecosystem of JD intelligent hardware

this process is difficult to complete only by JD's intelligent hardware team. Behind JD crowdfunding, JD intelligent cloud is also required to provide chip cascading services, all-round big data, cloud open platform services and super apps

as for whether JD finance will involve equity crowdfunding in the future, Jin Lin said that crowdfunding, as an emerging business, will continue to develop, and the regulatory environment will also change. It does not rule out the possibility of equity crowdfunding in the future, but now do a good job in product crowdfunding

great changes in one year

at the end of March 2013, made an important decision to officially change the label of the original mall to, and its website domain name and logo have gone to the mall

for the outside world, JD's decision is enough to be called a change. A month later, announced that its registered users had exceeded 100million

it is at this time that wants to get rid of the positioning of a simple retail e-commerce platform and expand its territory to logistics and financial businesses's involvement in Internet finance is clearly marked by the establishment of financial group

at the end of July 2013, financial division was independent and established financial group. Chen Shengqiang, the former CFO of group, served as CEO of financial group, and officially transformed to a pop open platform

at the beginning of the establishment of the financial group, there were only two sectors in's financial landscape: Banking and supply chain finance. The third-party payment bank was the license obtained by through acquisition at the end of October 2012, and it did not immediately access the platform at that time

supply chain finance became the core foundation for the start of JD Internet finance, and 50000 suppliers were the initial soil of JD Internet finance

with the successive acquisition of's commercial factoring license, small loan license and fund payment license in 2013, not only the application of supply chain financial products in the transaction chain continues to expand, but also financial began to break through its original territory

in September 2013, the consumer finance department under JD financial group began to set up, and a few months later, JD Baitiao began its public beta. In October, 2013, platform business department was established. In March, 2014, obtained the sales license of the third-party fund driven electromechanical system, which makes the two lead screws rotate synchronously through chain transmission. In the same month, small Treasury went online for testing, and the products correspond to the value-added treasure of Harvest Fund and Penghua Fund through subsidies, supporting, awards, follow-up investment, equity investment and other ways

in April 2013, after the small Treasury, launched a new financial product, 8.8

according to's plan, the types of its platform businesses will include fund business, credit card business, insurance business, bank financing and personal loans

in's more than 10-year growth history, the first half of 2014 was extremely lively

first, Tencent acquired 15% of's shares with us $214 million, while acquired 100% of the equity, logistics personnel and assets acquired by Tencent's B2C platform and C2C platform, as well as the minority equity of Eason and the right to purchase the remaining equity of eason

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