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  • Detail leads the growth trend of e-sports game book, and the growth rate of mechanical game book in 2019 H1 is as high as 120% year-on-year

original title: leads the growth trend of e-sports game book. Mechanical Game Book 2019 H1 "has a year-on-year increase of 120%! Source: Global Wealth

in March 2019, E-sports was classified as a professional sports competition performance activity, which belongs to the same category as football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis, and has become a formal sports event. With the standardization and rapid development of e-sports, countless E-sports players have more professional requirements for game equipment. As an annual event for E-sports fans, the countdown to the opening of ChinaJoy in 2019 has entered. Which E-sports people's exclusive equipment will appear at that time

professional E-sports brands are all out of the line. accounts for 90% of the game power. With the advent of the e-sports boom, users are more and more respected for professional E-sports brands, and, as the home of game products and an important role in the PC development pattern, has undoubtedly become the preferred platform for users to buy professional E-sports PCs. According to the latest data, in the first quarter of 2019, accounted for 87% of the entire online game market, and took nearly 90% of the online game battlefield. It has also become the consensus of domestic game players to "buy game books and go to"

with the home advantage of leading the industry, has become the main position for users to purchase professional E-sports equipment, and must also be the strength helper of Rog, thunder snake and other professional E-sports brands, so that the ultimate E-sports brands "born for E-sports" can reach 12% of the circle, Achieve a qualitative leap in the field of game segmentation

through its powerful data background, found that today's users are increasingly fond of professional equipment, and professional brands born for E-sports are highly sought after by users. To this end, JD computer digital has given strong support to brands focusing on the ultimate experience of e-sports, such as machinists, Rog, thunder snake, etc., and helped it achieve the exposure of hundreds of millions of brands through accurate page recommendations of crowd portraits and a wealth of special computer digital promotional activities, constantly climbing the sales peak. For example, in terms of games, the sales volume of mechanics in the first half of 2019 increased by 120% year-on-year, the country of Rog players increased by 444% year-on-year, and the growth rate of thunder snake was the most brilliant, reaching 551%! The sales volume increased by 5.5 times, and the excess output was successfully realized

build a comprehensive protection barrier, and escorts the traditional PC big water addition, which has changed the way for the factory to enter the game book

for the new game book sub category, the most worried brand makers who have been firmly in the leading position in PC are that once they are unsalable, they will cause a backlog of products, and the R & D costs invested in the early stage will be burned.'s accurate prediction of products and markets through big data analysis helped major brands quickly open sales channels in the form of general underwriting, shortened the turnover time difference between product production and sales, and gave brands a "reassurance"

in terms of professional games, Savior y7000p, Acer shadow knight, mechanical revolution deep sea Titan, Thor 911, shadow elf, etc. are all exclusive product series of; In the game desktop category, JD exclusively underwrites Lenovo blade 7000 series, HP shadow elf series, Raytheon and mechanic brands. In addition, in order to comprehensively enhance the attractiveness of products and relieve consumers' worries, also provides unique after-sales support policies such as disassembly warranty

while maximizing the protection of brand products, also launched a number of high-quality game PCs designed for game performance, immersion experience and equipment development, including Lenovo blade series, HP shadow elf series, Raytheon 911, Raytheon Darth Vader 2, etc., through the c2m reverse customization mode with well-known manufacturers, to meet the needs of players for high-end game experience, Promote major brands to be more popular with consumers in the e-sports segment

with the help of, the game book segment is blooming! As the invited strategic partner of this ChinaJoy Intel exhibition hall, will bring the best new E-sports products to the battle and ignite the e-sports frenzy on the scene. Let's look forward to this epic E-sports Carnival

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