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JCB construction machinery and equipment fight in Kenya

"the viscosity of Loctite Max 2 resin at room temperature is 200 ~ 300mpa or CPS. In Kenya, an African country, many JCB equipment, including excavators and loaders, are put into operation. In the above example, it can be found that UV stabilizer and hindered amine light stabilizer are used after being combined with jedega formula. From a distance, the blue sky, the vast land and the dazzling yellow combine to form a shocking picture that brightens our eyes. Let's take a look at the JCB construction machinery in Kenya

under the blue sky and white clouds, JCB equipment is in full readiness

group photo of JCB Chinese service personnel and local service personnel

JCB Chinese service personnel on-site explanation

JCB African agents sell equipment and exhibition site

JCB equipment is under construction in Kenya

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