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JD cloud signed a strategic cooperation agreement with nuomanqi brand

today, JD cloud officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with nuomanqi, a well-known women's clothing brand in Guangzhou (a women's clothing brand under Guangzhou Mingyu Clothing Design Co., Ltd.). According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of big data, c2m (customer to manufacturing) market-oriented reverse research and development, flexible supply chain and smart stores, and assist nomanqi brand to more accurately position the market and meet user needs with the help of JD cloud technology capabilities and JD ecological resources

JD cloud signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Norman Qi brand on the spot

the fourth retail revolution drives changes in consumer demand

a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is poised, and the retail industry is facing severe challenges. The 2016 government work report pointed out that improving the supply of products and services should focus on three aspects: improving the quality of consumer goods, promoting the upgrading of manufacturing industry, and accelerating the development of modern service industry, encouraging enterprises to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, cultivating the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence, increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands

for the retail industry, it has experienced three revolutions: department stores, chain stores and supermarkets. At present, it is ushering in the fourth retail revolution that takes samples and builds on Internet e-commerce and goes beyond the Internet. The consumer's demand for diversification, participation and personalization, coupled with the progress in perception, interconnection and intelligence in the field of technology, has driven the arrival of the fourth retail revolution

noman Qi and JD cloud aim at retail service innovation

noman Qi brand headquarters is located in Huacheng Guangzhou. It is a professional clothing company integrating design, production and marketing. Noman Qi brand was founded in 2002 and has become a well-known women's clothing brand in China. This time, together with JD cloud, nuomanqi strives to more accurately grasp market changes and needs through cloud computing, big data and other technical means, so as to achieve all-round optimization in terms of cost, efficiency and customer experience. The cooperation between the two sides will focus on the following directions:

c2m marketization reverse research and development: around the group portrait of consumers, combined with the changes of users' lifestyle and needs, accurately locate the direction of product development, so as to design more targeted products. At the same time, design targeted products for online sales platforms

flexible supply chain: build a more vertical business model, get sales terminal information faster, and directly feed back to the front end of the supply chain, so as to guide design and production, adjust the next production and supply plan, and speed up the pace of commodity listing

big data: establish a large database of the clothing industry, draw accurate and practical customer portraits, and then guide R & D and product marketing

smart store: establish a user identification system, combine it with the member database, realize automatic product push, automatic checkout, intelligent analysis of consumption, and create a smart store

Intelligent Cloud Platform: establish a cloud platform and deploy applications to realize the automatic docking between the production department and the software system, so as to improve the operation efficiency

at the same time, JD cloud will also integrate the group's ecological resources, including JD mall, JD finance and JD logistics, to help further optimize the platform operation, user payment and logistics of nomanqi; In addition, JD Vientiane and nuomanqi actively explored how to use big data to better guide the selection of physical store locations

in recent years, Mingyu clothing has fully implemented the brand + strategic goal, gradually implemented the group business strategy, launched multi brand platform operation, and formed a multi brand layout of high, medium and low-end. By adhering to the spirit of extreme service and continuously creating long-term value for customers, the multi brand strategy of nomanqi has achieved initial results. Looking forward to the future, nomaki will focus on the big data platform, retail system upgrading, customer pain point monitoring, terminal self operated store system and other key directions to further build core competitiveness and build differentiated retail service customer experience

Deng Tianzhuo, vice president of JD group, said that the essence of retail services is nothing more than cost, efficiency and experience. It is the general trend to better serve consumers and meet diversified and personalized needs through technological innovation. Nuomanqi accurately and prospectively found the innovation focus. JD cloud is very honored to have the opportunity to fully participate in the digital transformation journey of excellent enterprises in the industry. JD cloud will comprehensively export advantageous resources and capabilities such as cloud computing, big data, flexible supply chain, c2m, etc., and win-win with the brand of nomanqi to innovate the future of retail

Wen Jiaping, general manager of Mingyu clothing, said that the strategic cooperation with JD cloud was a pragmatic move of Mingyu clothing to focus on the forefront of Retail Revolutionary Technology and service innovation and promote development through transformation. has deep technical accumulation and application experience in the field of cloud computing and big data. Mingyu clothing is looking forward to working with to continuously optimize and improve the product and service experience, so as to bring more surprises and benefits to consumers

about Mingyu clothing

Guangzhou Mingyu Clothing Design Co., Ltd., located in the flower city of Guangzhou, is a professional clothing company integrating design, production and marketing. It now has a production and office base of nearly 100000 square meters. The company's industries include clothing, real estate, supermarkets and other sectors. Nuomanqi, its women's clothing brand, has maintained rapid growth since 2002, and has established a good reputation in the industry with exquisite workmanship and quality. Now it has established a perfect sales network, with more than 1000 franchised stores all over the country. Over the years of development, nuomanqi has become a well-known women's clothing brand in China

about JD cloud

JD cloud () is a cloud computing integrated service provider under JD group, which has the world's leading cloud computing technology and a complete service platform. With the rapid development of Internet +, JD cloud has formed a cloud ecological pattern of the whole industry chain, from the construction of basic platforms, business consulting planning, to the construction and operation of business platforms, ISRI believes. At the same time, JD cloud relies on JD group's long-term business practices and technical accumulation in cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile Internet applications to build a socialized cloud service platform and provide safe, professional, stable and convenient cloud computing professional services to the whole society. JD cloud aims to work with enterprises to develop synchronously, create new Internet + solutions, and help enterprises achieve Internet + business transformation and upgrading

about JD Vientiane

JD Vientiane () is a comprehensive data under JD cloud "We choose covestro as the company's new name service mall, committed to building an end-to-end data ecosystem for data providers, data demanders and data service providers.

as a big data service platform built by JD cloud, JD Vientiane currently has more than 400 data providers, more than 1000 data sources, and more than 100 data labels, which can realize the most direct data docking between data providers and demanders, Solve the problems of internal resource integration, lack of data, data island and so on; At the same time, JD Vientiane is the first big data circulation platform to apply blockchain technology in China, and has become the first big data platform in China that can effectively protect data intellectual property rights

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