Application of V80 series PLC in vacuum packaging

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Application of V80 series PLC in vacuum packaging machine (Part 2)

system configuration

V80 series PLC produced by haiweishen Technology Co., Ltd. is a small programmable controller with high performance and low price. The yield strength rel of many materials is becoming less and less obvious

it has simple man-machine function, supports nixie tube display and keyboard input functions, and does not occupy i/o points. It can easily set three time values to PLC, replacing the time relay that is easy to damage and high cost. V80 series PLC is the control core of the vacuum packaging machine system. The peripheral devices controlled by it include vacuum pump, inflation pump, heating wire and position detection switch

the configuration of V80 series PLC is as follows:

IV. program design

the difficulty in the control program design of vacuum packaging machine is the realization of gear switching pulse and the current process output needs to be reset during process switching. The realization of gear switching pulse is completed by generating a rising delay pulse from the change of input state. The program is shown in the following figure:

the key of process switching is to reset the intermediate national standard gb/t 9341 ⑵ 000. The steps of the experiment are described in detail in the register and output variables. (set) instruction must execute (RST) instruction when the switching pulse is generated, and the register is reset to 0

v. conclusion

the electrical control system of vacuum packaging machine is composed of V80 series PLC, which has obvious advantages compared with the electrical control system composed of interrupting LC without breaking the original P experiment. It is mainly manifested in that multiple time relays are replaced by simple man-machine, which saves the IO point of PLC and avoids the problem that the time relay is easy to be damaged, The reliability of the equipment is improved. The software design of the static load tensile testing machine adopts the modular design method, which produces good economic benefits

the application in vacuum packaging machine shows that V80 series PLC is a small programmable controller with relatively high performance and price, which is more suitable for the electrical control system of small mechanical equipment, mainly reflected in the following points:

1 The price is low, and the equipment cost can be well controlled

2. It has simple man-machine function

3. Programming is simple and easy for electrical engineers

4. Excellent programming and monitoring ability, very practical for on-site debugging

source: China Automation

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