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JD logistics plans to use 12 "Asia one" to boost the national logistics 24 hours this year. Release date: Source: China industrial economic information

on June 8, just during 618, JD logistics announced the launch of a new round of logistics speed-up, and continued to strengthen efforts to promote the "24-hour delivery in thousands of counties and towns" time efficiency improvement plan. In terms of the core infrastructure construction, it plans to use 12 "Asia one", including Harbin, Shenyang Changchun, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou and other provincial capitals also include Langfang, Guanghan, Chuzhou and other logistics hub cities

"Asia one" is one of the modern intelligent logistics projects in Asia built by JD logistics. Through the three-dimensional storage, sorting, packaging, transportation, sorting of commodities, the main role of Jinan gold assay impact insulation withstand testing machine and other links, large-scale application of automation equipment, robots, intelligent management systems, to reduce costs and improve efficiency. JD logistics said that the New Asia 1 will aim at the sinking of the new infrastructure, and accelerate the rapid 882.6 penetration in the second to fifth tier cities on the basis of the original layout of the first and second tier cities. Relying on this, JD logistics will continue to expand its logistics coverage capacity for low-level cities and key counties and towns, and realize the overall acceleration of national logistics

12 "Asia No.1" are all located in second to fifth tier cities

according to the plan, in order to further expand the logistics upward sinking capacity of the low-line market and improve the logistics timeliness, JD logistics 2020 "thousands of counties and towns in 24 hours", will continue to strengthen the logistics infrastructure capacity with core measures such as the sinking of new infrastructure, the innovation of storage mode, the building of industrial belts, the construction of fresh and cold chain logistics and the delivery to villages. It is reported that the world market of these 12 "Asia No.1" can reach US $5 billion in second to fifth tier cities in 2015. They are distributed in Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun, Taiyuan, Hohhot, Zhengzhou, Langfang, Qihe, Guanghan, Chuzhou, Xiangtang and other places, covering North China, Northeast China, central China, East China, southwest and other different regions

the relevant person in charge of JD logistics said, "most of the more than 20 Asian first tier cities previously put into use are distributed in the first and second tier cities, mainly around the eight major logistics hubs in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi'an. The newly constructed Asian first tier logistics will aim at the sinking of the new infrastructure and promote the rapid penetration of intelligent logistics into the second to fourth tier cities, which is also an important direction for the future new infrastructure layout of JD logistics."

"sub life circle" continues to expand nationwide

as the representative of JD logistics' new infrastructure, Asia No. 1 intelligent logistics park has a highly intelligent processing capacity, integrating commodity temporary storage, order processing, sorting and distribution functions

the rapid construction and industrial agglomeration effect of Asia No.1 has formed a "sub life circle", from solving employment to talent training, from 90% of the country's districts and counties to connecting hundreds of industrial belts in the country in 24 hours, highlighting the powerful radiation coverage function and industrial driving efficiency. JD logistics previously formed eight logistics hubs centered on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi'an and Hangzhou. On the basis of promoting the reduction of logistics costs by more than 50% and the improvement of circulation efficiency by 70%, JD logistics has promoted the upgrading of the supply chain of eight national economic circles such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Hebei. "Commodity production base + logistics distribution hub" has created new economic formats for more than 10 cities

JD logistics said that it would give full play to the basic role of new logistics infrastructure such as Asia one, complete a new round of logistics acceleration, reshape the experience of Chinese consumers again, and let logistics contribute more to promoting the universal benefit of urban and rural public services, serving the development of regional economy, and helping to win the battle against poverty

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