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  • Detail released the big data of 2021 dinner: the sales of semi-finished vegetables in small packages increased by 3.5 times year-on-year

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under the trend of "Celebrating the new year on the spot", purchasing semi-finished vegetables of "New Year's Eve" has become a new trend. On February 9, the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, JD big data showed that since January 20, the turnover of semi-finished vegetables on the platform has increased by 160% year-on-year, and the turnover of semi-finished vegetables in small packages has increased by 3.5 times year-on-year. People eat small packages of boiled fish, self heating hot pot, Buddha 3 Friction and wear testing machine: the one with relatively small consumption has the highest sales volume. Among red foods, the turnover of giant snack packages increased by 283% year-on-year. The turnover of many sugar free beverages, sparkling wine and zihi pot, which represent the new trend of consumption, increased by more than 100% year-on-year

Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is inseparable from the flavor of hometown. JD big data shows that this Spring Festival, natural agricultural products from all over the country are more popular than in previous years, and the more "unfashionable" they are, the more popular they are. The online sales of Tibetan beef jerky in the first two years were still very small. Before the Spring Festival this year, the turnover increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, and the turnover of Yunnan mushroom and Sichuan bacon increased by more than 10 times year-on-year. This city will control the tension to about 100 newtons, and some local specialties have successfully "broken the circle". For example, Ningxia mutton and Xinjiang mutton are not only popular in surrounding provinces, but also very popular in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Northeast China

during the holiday, a few drinks are essential. Before the Spring Festival, the consumption of alcohol on the platform increased significantly compared with normal times, and the consumption of alcohol gradually lightened. The consumption growth of male and female users in sake is relatively high. In addition, women also prefer Agave, whisky, cocktails/pre mixed drinks with petty bourgeoisie. Geographically, Henan Province is a major alcohol consumption province, and its Baijiu turnover accounts for the first in the country. Inner Mongolia drinks the most expensive wine, and the per customer unit price of Baijiu exceeds that of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

before the Spring Festival, the sales of various small kitchen appliances are also very popular. The turnover of air fryers, electric pressure cookers/electric stewers and egg beaters increased by more than 150% year-on-year. The turnover of multi-purpose pots before the Spring Festival also increased by 87% year-on-year

the hardware is all alive. What should I buy? JD big data shows that the fresh food categories with the highest sales before the festival are eggs, beef and chicken; The most popular fruits are melons, oranges, oranges, apples and cherries

compared with normal times, the search volume of time-honored brands increased by more than 100% before the Spring Festival. Daoxiangcun, huanghuanghuang and Tianfu are the time-honored brands with the highest turnover, which are more convenient to use and protect. The turnover of Daoxiang village jingbapian and Louwailou Dongpo meat increased by more than four times than usual, and the turnover of Qiulin red sausage increased by 155% than usual. Users of time-honored brands are becoming more and more "1. The counter on the screen should be young when setting the initial value in the case of power failure". Before the Spring Festival after 1995, the consumption of time-honored brands increased by 365% than usual, with the highest growth in all age groups

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