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  • Detail 818 at the K exhibition, the world's largest international plastics and Rubber Exhibition: is growing rapidly, driving the market to continue to add new

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in the era of boundless retail with the integration of online and offline,, as a technology driven retail infrastructure provider, is working together with brands with innovative thinking, changing thinking, and subversive thinking to fully connect people, goods, and markets in the industry with multiple advantages, Jointly change the future of the industry

on August 16, the second JD golden opportunity award was officially announced. As the most authoritative award in the industry, and also the heavyweight link of 818 Festival, is crowning and innovating for the industry with its market influence and volume. At present,'s market volume is expanding rapidly, its market influence is gradually deepening, and has become the first online sales channel in China

the market battle in the first half of 2018 has also quietly ended. According to the statistics of the China Industrial Research Institute,, tmall and Suning still occupy the top three in the market share of China's e-commerce platform channels in the first half of 2018, of which channel accounts for 51%, more than the sum of other e-commerce channels

since launched its business 11 years ago, the total number of users has served has exceeded 230million, with a compound annual growth rate of 110% for new users. Over the past 11 years, has cooperated with more than 500 brands and served more than 5000 businesses. According to GfK's statistics on the market and the development of multi jet financing technology in the second half of 2017, accounted for 72% of the new products of major brands, leading the industry

the 818 Festival after the first golden machine awards last year created a sales milestone, breaking the previous records of all super brand days, super category days, and super single product days. In the 818 ceremony last year,'s total sales exceeded 1.567 billion, an increase of 513.9%

at present,'s 818 Festival is in full swing, with more than 20 brands attacking together, bringing hundreds of popular products for limited time promotion. It is also the Chinese Valentine's day, and it is very promising to break the sales record again and lead the new pattern of offline sales again. It can be expected that after the second golden machine awards this year, the sales of 818 brands will also create another miracle

according to the battle report of the real-time data list of the 818 Festival, apple is still firmly in the first place, taking the top place in brand sales on the day of 818, with glory, Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo, 360, Meizu, hammer, Nokia and Yijia in the top ten respectively

from August 7 to August 18,'s cumulative sales topped the list, followed by Xiaomi, and apple ranked third. It can be seen that Xiaomi's good preheating can also avoid the role of residual internal pressure caused by sudden cooling of plastic in extrusion. As the leader of domestic Internet, the data of the two are intertwined. Especially, as a latecomer, glory is gradually becoming the first brand of Internet with excellent products and services. While the online market share of other domestic brands is gradually shrinking, the Internet is undergoing a new round of reshuffle, and the stronger the stronger, the market Matthew effect is prominent

however, in the accumulated sales of JD 818. 4. Press the "#/print" button in the status setting, apple, with its well-known ultra-high unit price and profit, has made great efforts to overwhelm domestic companies and become the company with the highest sales and the most profitable

it can be seen that opened the second half of this year's market with such a category event, which obviously also hopes to further stimulate users' sensitivity to products, thus leveraging the sales of the overall category to become popular and driving the continuous growth of the market

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