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JCB launched its new 419s loader

agritechnica Europe exhibition will be held in Hannover, Germany, from November 12 to 18, 2017. At the exhibition, JCB will release the new 419sagri wheel loader

jcb launched a new 419s loader

as an upgraded model of the existing 418sagri wheel loader, 419sagri will use a 6.7-liter Cummins six cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 136kw, an increase of 5% over the previous generation, meeting the t4f emission standard, using SCR post-treatment device, without additional filtering device

equipped with ZF six speed power shift transmission, low speed gear 1 provides better thrust, and the hydraulic torque converter can be locked in other gears, making the 419s provide unparalleled climbing performance when pushing and rolling silage. The maximum driving speed can reach 48 km/h, which can fully keep up with the driving speed of the high-frequency fatigue testing machine of other silage contractors or fertilizer distribution teams, in addition to testing the fatigue performance of metal materials

the new front and rear frame design, longer wheelbase, larger axle, larger tires, so as to obtain greater traction and the ability of soft road surface not to sink. The 419s can even be equipped with 750/65r26 tires that can be used on the 435s

the front and rear axles are equipped with limited slip differentials to ensure the traction on wet roads. The automatic locking differential can be selected to ensure the driving capacity of some special road conditions

the maximum flow of the load sensitive plunger pump is 180 L/min, which can cost effectively achieve the maximum digging force of the standard/high lift loading arm. The maximum lifting height from 3.48 meters to 3.71 meters transforms the problem of measuring the load into the problem of measuring the displacement of the rod assembly, and the full turning overturning load can reach 6.9 tons

the latest commandplus cab is 15% larger than the previous generation, with better working vision, more accurate control of b0.61 and more comfortable environment. The driver can complete all kinds of service checks in the cab, and can adjust the hydraulic oil flow of the auxiliary circuit, the time interval of engine fan reversing, etc. With the help of the new handle, lever and thumb operated shuttle switch, it can accurately provide proportional control of loading operation

the new 419sagri agricultural model provides unparalleled power gravity ratio, six speed torque lock power transmission and high-performance variable piston pump

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