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Jcg860 villa router wireless home high-speed high-power through the wall King evaluation experience for one month

jcg860 villa router wireless home high-speed high-power through the wall King enterprise dual frequency stable intelligent routing

dual core CPU large house type solves the blind spot. For details, please refer to the following UFIDA evaluation:

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experience for one month:

(1) router appearance burst table, The key point is that the setting is also very simple. The customer service technicians are very patient and guide step by step. For the first time, their operation is successful. The 2.4G and 5g settings are also very interesting. They sent a signal repeater and reportedly used it, which is good. When you turn on the TV with 100MB optical fiber, you can see the live broadcast of TV, and then use a little card. I hope it will change in the future.

(2) there is no problem with the 2.4g+ signal amplifier passing through the wall. It is much easier to use than TP's electric cat, and it is stable. In addition, the fiber effect of my 100m light is shown in the figure. The living room is fast, the bedroom is slow, and the electric cats are all used. It is conceivable that the wall of my home is so awesome

evaluation after half a year of use:

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