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JCB cooperates with the U.S. Army to provide $50million equipment

JCB cooperates with the U.S. Army to provide $50million equipment

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JCB announced on June 19 that JCB has won a contract worth $50million - to provide high-speed skid loaders to the U.S. Army compared with the rise of the medical field. It is reported that this batch of skid steer loaders is expected to be delivered in 2017

the US Army military organization ordered $206 million worth of machines from JCB in 2005, which is still the largest order since JCB started its business 68 years ago. Since 2005, JCB has been selling equipment to the armies of various countries, including Britain, Sweden, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and other countries

Graeme MacDonald, CEO of JCB, said, "in the past 30 years, JCB has provided more than 4000 equipment to the military of 57 countries. This time, we are happy to successfully establish cooperative relations with the U.S. military."

jcb North America CEO said: "in fact, the US Army chose JCB again, which proves the quality and innovation of JCB equipment. We are very proud to manufacture a machine that can protect the lives of our soldiers and help our soldiers complete military duties."

it is reported that this batch of equipment will be produced in Britain and the United States. JCB company 16's high-speed skid steer loader, which is easy to age tons (17.5 tons) in the atmosphere, has completely changed the way of military engineering tasks, and can catch up with the military fleet at a speed of 60 miles per hour, instead of using trucks to transport machines. Therefore, the efficiency can be greatly improved. 4. Open the measurement and control system software of the experimental machine by combining the world-famous JCB excavator loader and the innovative high-speed JCB fastrac tracker

this high-speed skid steer loader is also equipped with an explosion protection system, which is very effective when life is threatened by explosion when performing tasks in some conflict areas

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