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JD group and Dell reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote cloud computing services

recently, JD group and Dell (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation memorandum during the Guiyang big data Expo. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile interconnection, and work together to provide better technical solutions and services for the industry. At the same time, Liu qiangdong, CEO of JD group, had an in-depth exchange with Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, which was their second meeting since 2013 CTO Zhang Chen and Dr. Huang CHENHONG, President of Dell Greater China signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation

from coating raw materials, adhesives to body parts, and Dell will rely on's mature and stable e-commerce information system of the whole industry chain and Dell's advanced and mature products and technical solutions, give full play to the advantages of both sides' technologies and customer resources, and conduct in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile Internet. Through technical cooperation innovation and business model optimization, the two sides will better provide efficient, one-stop cloud computing solutions and services for customers in various industries, cultivate an open cloud ecosystem, provide stable, safe and convenient cloud services to the e-commerce industry and the whole society, and help customers complete cloud transformation and Dell also revealed that they will jointly build an e-commerce cloud platform for local small and medium-sized enterprises. This fully responds to the government's Internet + policy, and will effectively promote the application and development of local Internet technology, cloud and big data, benefit more local enterprises and institutions, and drive the Internet + transformation process in Guizhou

Zhang Chen, CTO of JD group, said that the complete business chain, huge scale and high-speed growth make JD become the best soil for the application of new technologies. At the same time, JD cloud has opened its technology and services to the society that have passed its own rigorous business tests. has always adhered to the concept of open cooperation, and its cooperation with Dell will also be reflected in products, technologies, solutions, services and other aspects, especially in the field of cloud computing, which will bring a strong impetus to the development of the industry

Dr. Huang CHENHONG, President of Dell Greater China, said that because this technology will continue to be used by many industries, Dell is committed to integrating into the local ecosystem and establishing partnerships with local companies to better serve the Chinese market. JD cloud is an integrated cloud computing service provider under, a top e-commerce provider in China. This time, the two sides announced the establishment of a comprehensive business partnership in the field of cloud computing solutions and services, which will better provide customers with safe, efficient and future ready cloud computing solutions and services through technological cooperation innovation and business model optimization, and help customers successfully complete cloud transformation is the largest self-supporting e-commerce enterprise in China. ASTM d4595 (1) 986 "tensile test method for geotextiles and related products" cloud is the core cornerstone of the group's full business ecological chain, supporting the rapid growth of, with leading cloud computing technology and a complete service platform. In the context of the Internet + era, JD cloud announced the launch of its new version in April, fully opening up JD's cloud computing, big data, e-commerce, logistics and other capabilities that have been promising for many years, and making full use of its own technical strength and experience accumulation to provide stable, safe, convenient and more grounded cloud services to the whole society and industry

Dell is the world's leading provider of future ready end-to-end solutions and services. So far, Dell has developed in China for 21 years, and China has become the largest market for Dell outside the United States. In September, 2015, Mr. Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell, visited China and announced that in China, it was Dell China 4.0 strategy. During the implementation of the 4.0 strategy, Dell further integrated into China's local ecosystem, constantly localized products, solutions and services, optimized and implemented new market entry strategies, so that Dell China could better support Chinese customers to improve it efficiency, achieve its business development goals, and help China's IT industry upgrade

under the trend of diversified development of enterprises, open cooperation has become the consensus of more enterprises. During the rapid growth of JD cloud, Dell has become a reliable partner of JD cloud. With the stable performance and reliable services of its servers and other products, it continues to help improve the infrastructure construction capacity of JD cloud. The conclusion of this strategic cooperation has brought the cooperation between the two sides to a new level. With the transformation of JD's role from a technical practitioner to a technical service provider, the advantages of the two sides in products, technologies, solutions and services are more complementary. Through close integration, they can provide users with excellent technical services in a variety of application scenarios. More traditional enterprises and institutions that hope to complete the Internet + transformation will benefit from the comprehensive cooperation between and Dell, obtain more advanced, reliable and close to their own applications of technical services, and smoothly embark on the path of Internet development

people in the industry believe that and Dell have very similar company concepts. pursues to make users' lives simple and happy. Dell advocates sincerely listening to users' voices and is committed to making technology more convenient. In the field of technical services, the two sides not only maintain long-term close cooperation, but also complement each other's advantages and business characteristics. It is expected to form more innovations in business models, technologies, applications and other directions, Provide more competitive and valuable technical solutions and services for more enterprises, and promote the continuous development of China's economy

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