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  • Detail intelligent customer service robot Jimi service Samsung user accuracy rate of 80%

on June 27, Chengdu customer service center and Samsung reached cooperation around the Jimi intelligent service robot strategic project. Mr. LV Wenkai, vice president of JD group and head of JD customer service center; Mr. Gao Tingxu, vice president of SamSung China online marketing division, and relevant executives attended the launch ceremony of this strategic cooperation. This strategic cooperation will further promote the wide application of Jimi intelligent service robots in the industry, so that intelligent robots can provide users with more satisfactory demand solutions and comprehensively improve the user experience

therefore (from left to right) Gao Tingxu, vice president of SamSung China online marketing division; LV Wenkai, vice president of JD group and head of JD customer service operation manual, certificate of conformity, packing list, random tools and other centers; Group photo of Liu Dan, director of JD mall Chengdu Research Institute

seamless connection of human-computer consultation

jimi is an intelligent service robot independently developed by JD relying on the technical expert team and cloud service data. It can recognize users' emotions, combine human services with intelligent services under different service modes, realize seamless connection of human-computer consultation, quickly provide customers with key questions, and reduce user problem restatement, Improve the user experience

this time, national customer service center cooperates with Samsung to undertake the overall operation of Samsung s-jimi with the s-jimi intelligent service robot developed specifically for Samsung as the carrier, and assist Samsung stores in the full intelligent operation before, during and after sales by timely outputting operation management data. The use of data-based methods will more accurately and efficiently screen product and service information, submit accurately, avoid unavoidable information extraction errors in the process of manual service, and create more service models

after the deep integration of Samsung's product database and knowledge base with's intelligent products, Jimi will no longer be a simple service response tool, but will also have the ability to think from the user's perspective and independently connect with the information of external professional text data database, so as to realize the connection of product data and reduce the cost of manual services

make every communication more warm

in 618 this year, Jimi has conducted a trial operation in a Samsung store, and the response accuracy has rapidly increased to 80% in just one week. In addition, JD customer service center put forward requirements and hopes for the work of the special committee through Pathfinder: the two major projects of hefengzhe systematically and manually extract the user feedback collected by Samsung products on major ports such as Weibo and portal, deeply analyze the potential needs of users, and help precision marketing through big data

at present, JD intelligent robot customer service plays an important role in four application scenarios: optimizing the first response time, unmanned time interaction, greatly promoting the time period to reduce the pressure of manual customer service, and assisting manual query of background information. Since 2017, through artificial intelligence, big data and other technical means, JD (Chengdu) customer service center has opened an unmanned customer service, Jimi multi intelligent platform, allowing consumers to rush to buy goods with richer scenes and terminals and enjoy more intelligent and convenient services. JD customer service is committed to making every user communication more warm. In the era of coexistence of robot customer service and artificial intelligence, relying on the advantages of the two, Dell designed a new heat dissipation technology to achieve perfect docking and greatly improve the user experience

open service, output value

JD logistics takes reducing the cost of socialized logistics as its mission, takes becoming the most trusted smart supply chain partner as its vision, and is committed to providing brands with forward and reverse integrated supply chain solutions including warehousing, transportation, distribution, customer service and after-sales. As an important part of the chain, JD customer service carefully ensures the experience of merchants and consumers national customer service center is the largest call center of e-commerce platform in China at present, with 10000 + seats, a man-day consulting volume of up to 1million, and services for more than 100 brands. It provides a complete call center business process service plan for brands, helps brands focus on the development of their core competitiveness, improves customer experience, and reduces operating costs

through the analysis and research of user satisfaction, the collection of user VOCs, the identification and rapid processing of user complaints, not only the user's service experience is guaranteed, but also the sales volume and brand influence of brand makers are improved, giving partners more room to improve the channel service experience. Through the application of information system, JD national customer service center can provide businesses with more proactive, green, efficient and safe intelligent services, reduce more labor costs, create more value, and provide customers with better user experience and create a closed-loop service

the strategic cooperation between's national customer service center and Samsung integrates professional data of product technology, realizes the perfect connection between Samsung's product knowledge base and's customer service intelligent service, realizes the improvement of service content, and marks a new chapter in's intelligent customer service

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