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JD cloud and Kingdee work together to create a new smart record

on February 5, 2018, JD cloud, together with Kingdee International Software Group and JD new channel, delivered a fully upgraded smart inventory management software to start-ups and individual businesses, and launched the Spring Festival feedback activities of good luck and smart higou at the same time. From now on, new users who purchase VIP members of smartmind software through JD cloud official can enjoy a super discount of 99 yuan for one year, and a second chance to be a VIP for 1 yuan

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the transformation of the cloud

This upgrade, smart mind fully landed on the JD cloud platform, relying on JD cloud's inherent advantages in retail, logistics and store operation management, it brings six privileged functions to VIP users:

cloud synchronization --, computer and other multi terminal data exchange, and there is no limit to the number of terminals

cloud report - view the store data report on the page

cloud disk backup - automatic computer backup to avoid data loss

exclusive server - no deployment, upgrade service, and unlimited storage space

member management - flexibly manage the birthday and points of store members on the computer side

professional technical customer service - rapid response and remote problem solving

perhaps for small business owners and merchants, cloud computing does not seem to be directly related to the daily operation of stores. But in fact, the smart store experience that goes to the cloud brings to the majority of merchants is a more stable, more flexible and faster individual smart store experience

for example, with the help of cloud synchronization, merchants can access and modify cargo information at any time in different places and platforms, and carry out operations such as receiving orders, delivering goods, and preparing goods according to real-time needs, so as to realize business synchronization in different scenarios; Jinan Shijin is actually produced in the industry. It has been many years since the area of high-performance plastics in the automotive field has been tested. For example, with the help of JD cloud's big data service, merchants can summarize and analyze the purchase habits of certain members and prepare for purchase in advance. At special moments such as 618 and double 11, JD cloud can greatly allocate computing resources in a short time according to the computing needs of smart mind, ensure the processing speed, response time and stability of data, effectively reduce the occurrence of jams, timeouts, crashes and other phenomena, so as to improve the use experience of merchants

it can be said that it has been out for 8 years, and 97 pilot demonstration projects have been selected, with more than 5million users. After being enabled by JD cloud, it has achieved another transformation

comprehensively optimize and improve the experience

in addition, by analyzing the usage habits and needs of the existing 5million users, the upgraded version of smart mind comprehensively optimizes the interface and operation, and improves the experience in the following six aspects:

billing in seconds: users can use smart mind to issue purchase orders and sales orders as simple as manual bookkeeping, and can scan goods through bar codes, or directly use Bluetooth to connect the printer to print documents

accurate inventory: the optimized inventory early warning mechanism is more reasonable, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of unsalable, overstock, out of stock and other situations, and all items are clear, and the customer, price, model, quantity and other information correspond to the order one by one

master the overall situation: Zhiji is the only purchase, sales and inventory software that connects commodity flow and capital flow, which can distinguish capital accounts and income and expenditure

various reports: Zhiji can provide purchase and sales details reconciliation, current fund accounting, profit statistics and other reports, and enable merchants to understand the sales ranking at a glance and identify hot money, slow-moving goods, etc

intelligent purchase: shopkeeper Bao can directly generate purchase orders when purchasing, and can also enjoy genuine low prices and distribution

smart Mall: smart store provides agency, order and other services, and inventory management is in place in one step

As one of the technical representatives of JD group, JD cloud's business has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, it has formed a cloud ecological pattern of the whole industry chain from basic platform construction, business consulting planning, to business platform construction and operation. This empowerment of wisdom is a strong partnership between JD cloud and Kingdee International Software Group in the inventory management software industry

at the 2017 (7th) China Management Global Forum and Kingdee user conference held last October, shenyuanqing, President of JD cloud business unit, said he hoped to combine JD cloud and Kingdee enterprise cloud services to provide more solutions to users

Kingdee enterprise cloud service has a very unique industry management solution in terms of industry. Combined with the four major industries of JD cloud, it has a solid foundation not only in retail, logistics, finance, insurance, but also in more basic industries. Through smart mind + JD cloud + new channel, Kingdee cloud and JD cloud benefit many small and medium-sized supermarkets and convenience stores to empower traditional retail enterprises. Shen Yuanqing said

the successful upgrade of zhizhiji has laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the two sides in products. In the future, more Kingdee products will be enabled by JD cloud, and will be transformed into butterflies in the era of big data

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