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How can cardboard factories get rid of low price competition and business pain points

with the increasing expansion of the "packaging + interconnection" business model of Dongjing technology in the foreign market, it continues to attract the keen attention of the official media. Recently, Jiaxing reported on the "packaging + interconnection" business model of Dongjing technology and its development in Jiaxing under the title of "Jiaxing packaging industry welcomes new business opportunities"

in recent years, domestic enterprises have become more and more strict in controlling packaging costs, and the profits of the packaging industry have become increasingly meager. How to find a breakthrough in the era of meager profits has become the key to the development of packaging enterprises. As a benchmark enterprise in the paper packaging industry, Zhejiang Dongjing Technology Co., Ltd. built a cross regional packaging supply chain service platform with a new business model of "packaging + interconnection", successfully breaking the geographical restrictions of the packaging industry and achieving a strong counter attack. By the end of last year, the company had inspected the internal shortcomings of these test pieces. The company achieved a sales revenue of nearly 1.5 billion, and its business sites were stationed in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Jinhua and other seven cities

accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and create a new benchmark in the industry

when the market falls into the strange circle of low price and disorderly competition, is it "breaking the head and pushing in", or taking the differentiation route

"we must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and realize the transformation from traditional packaging manufacturing to 'packaging service industry'!" Facing the fierce competition in the carton industry, Wu Wei, director of Zhejiang Dongjing Technology Co., Ltd., made a refreshing statement

in recent years, driven by the new business model of "packaging + interconnection", Dongjing technology has completed the transformation from "packaging manufacturing" to "packaging service", integrated the interconnection thinking in the aspects of production process transformation, supply chain resource integration, enterprise management, etc., and provided comprehensive assistance to the cooperative paperboard factory from the aspects of base paper procurement, production process, payment method, logistics distribution, etc., so as to achieve the goal of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and value-added

in 2018, under the market environment of increasing production lines in Jinhua, local corrugated board supply exceeds demand, and the vast majority of cardboard factories fall into white hot competition, the cardboard factories cooperating with dongjingyi created an industry myth: in 2018, the total revenue increased by more than 15% year-on-year, and the number of customers of tertiary factories increased by nearly 150%. Behind the improvement of data is the embodiment of the role of Dongjing technology packaging supply chain service platform

after cooperating with dongjingyi, only in terms of cost reduction (by improving the utilization rate of base paper + changing the transaction mode from the original accounting period to prepayment + refined production management), it will save more than 7million costs for the paperboard factory. According to the local urban housing price of 30000/square meter, it is equivalent to a set of real estate with an area of more than 150 square meters and a fully imported luxury car with an area of 2.5 million. In addition, through the improvement of production efficiency and high-quality follow-up services, while reducing costs, it also created huge revenue for the cardboard factory

"packaging + mutual - Wang Shugu (Technical Consultant) alliance", to solve the pain points of the industry

"where is the future development direction of the enterprise? It must be small and medium-sized enterprises." Zhou Hui, Jiaxing Branch of Zhejiang Dongjing Technology Co., Ltd., said that there are tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, and their value demands for the whole packaging process have not received due attention at all

in 2016, dongjingyi integrated and simplified product categories around design, procurement, production, logistics, distribution and other links, successfully built the first supply chain service platform in the domestic paper packaging industry, and changed from serving packaging customers only to serving both ends of the supply chain at the same time - secondary plant (cardboard plant) and tertiary plant (carton plant), greatly reducing enterprise costs

in only more than four months, the sales volume of dongjingyi has achieved rapid growth. The market share of Wenzhou has increased from 10% to 30%, the customer coverage rate has increased from 30% to 98%, and the sales accounting period has changed from an average of 45 days to advance payment. Cheng Rudai, silk, film and pipe work has broken the traditional sales radius of the packaging industry and laid the foundation for the rapid replication model

"paperboard group purchase" uses the Internet to change the traditional paperboard ordering method, change the paperboard ordering from offline to online, and change the payment method from accounting period to prepayment. At the same time, by virtue of large-scale production effect, perfect logistics and distribution services, convenient ordering methods, and value-added preferential activities, we provide users with cardboard products with quality and quantity guaranteed, on time and at low prices

"dongjingyi's professional management and service experience in the packaging industry has increased the sales performance of our enterprise by more than 30% Haining Shentong Packaging Co., Ltd. said the relevant person in charge

it is worth mentioning that the regional supply chain logistics named after "good luck all the way" can complete the distribution of less than carload goods in the form of "return car" and "free ride" by simply calling a car with the click of app, which can effectively solve the problems of high logistics costs and car maintenance costs of users in carton factories and improve the overall income of users

"packaging + interconnection" mode, introduces the interconnection technology into the traditional packaging industry, provides paperboard factories with raw material procurement - Product Processing - logistics distribution - supply chain finance and other services, solves the pain points of the industry, and realizes the "cost reduction, efficiency improvement and value-added" of paperboard factories

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