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How can printer channel companies find gold in the low profit market

with the advent of the era of meager profits for printers, traditional dealers rely on not only basic research, but also the flattening of channels and the transparency of prices. How to survive in the era of meager profits has become a problem that channel merchants think day and night. Facing difficulties, it is imperative for channel merchants to move towards a new way of survival

due to the price war of e-commerce such as Taobao and, the former printer stores have lost yesterday's glory. The price of e-commerce is more advantageous than that of traditional dealers. For the same printer, the station price is generally about yuan lower than that of the stores. At the same time, the periodic signal is a function of displacement x, and the station also provides invoices. In this way, the advantages of dealers in Invoicing are also taken away by e-commerce. In recent years, many printer manufacturers have adjusted their channels, and major customers in the industry are manufacturers who sell. At the same time, the flattening of the channel also puts a huge financial pressure on the dealers, that is, how much pressure the test object can bear before it deforms or breaks. Originally, the manufacturer would give the dealers the billing period or pay 25% of the total payment in advance. Therefore, many small businesses can only transfer goods to other dealers and then sell them to customers

in the face of fierce market competition, reducing costs is the key for low profit dealers. How to reduce costs and make profits, because the rents of stores are increasing year by year, the wages of workers are rising, and the expenses of salespersons will also rise. If traditional dealers have a positive price war with e-commerce with strong financial strength, it can be described as hitting the stone with an egg. At present, it is difficult for traditional dealers to have profit opportunities. Therefore, some dealers withdrew from the printer industry. According to the interview, most dealers agree that selling on e-commerce platform will be the future trend of the printer market. First of all, compared with the traditional sales model, the network sales cover a wide range, which can help the channel expand the market scope. Secondly, the cost can be greatly reduced in store rent. Finally, reduce the marketing cost in the sales of store personnel. Seeing these advantages and trends, these dealers have switched to purchase platforms

at present, although dealers have small profits and face domestic and foreign troubles, dealers can still find their own sharp tools after careful consideration. Because the printer is a consumer product, an original selenium can be printed on about a piece of paper based on the general type. The fusing film will wear naturally after printing 10000 pages and needs to be replaced. The rubber inside the fusing lower roller is also aged after 30000 pages and needs to be replaced. Therefore, customers have a demand for later maintenance and service, and after-sales service has become the survival breakthrough of dealers. Compared with shopping, dealers have high-quality service, and they have a professional technical team that can quickly come to help customers solve problems in a timely manner. It is understood that some brand printer manufacturers such as Canon are not responsible for all after-sales services. All services are provided by dealers, and after-sales service has become a profitable advantage for dealers. According to interviews with printer dealers who have both powdery and granular situations, some dealers have begun to make efforts to provide after-sales service, increase technicians and train technical knowledge, so as to provide better services for customers, so as to obtain more customers

with the advent of the printer era of low profit, facing the price war of e-commerce and the flattening of channels, channel providers can survive in the low profit market by doing their own advantages and providing customers with professional after-sales services

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