A simple method for routine inspection of valve le

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A simple method for routine inspection of valve leakage

diesel engine valve leakage will cause power decline, difficult start and other faults. To judge the valve leakage, the following measures can be taken: when the friction coefficient reaches the fixed value of 1, the tension machine may be destroyed due to friction and stop working, but what deserves the attention of enterprises is: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; Bentler Sigri has developed lightweight and space saving composite plate springs for Volvo's multi model spa global platform, and the cumulative order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry has been checked by the warming method

ensure the normal use of the experimental machine. First, remove the cylinder head cover, air filter and exhaust silencer, but ensure the reliable sealing of the connecting parts of the inlet and exhaust pipelines

II. Check the tightness of the intake valve. Slowly rotate the crankshaft, pay attention to the action of the exhaust valve, and pause rotating the crankshaft when the exhaust valve is about to open. Cover the intake nozzle with your palm, and continue to rotate the crankshaft until the exhaust valve is closed. If you feel the exhaust feeling at the intake nozzle, it means that the intake valve is not tightly sealed; Otherwise, it is well sealed

III. check the exhaust valve. Continue to rotate the crankshaft slowly. When the inlet valve is about to open, cover the exhaust pipe orifice with your palm. Crank the crankshaft until the intake valve is closed. If there is a sense of inspiration in the palm of your hand, it means that the exhaust valve is not tightly sealed; Otherwise, it is well sealed

the above methods need the cooperation of two people, one is responsible for cranking the crankshaft, and the other is responsible for inspection. The above method is simple and accurate, and can avoid blind disassembly. Robot friends may as well try

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