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How to reduce and control receivables in packaging enterprises (middle)

II. Countermeasures to reduce and control receivables

(I) strengthen the management of operation and production, and constantly extend to the demander both internally and externally

1. Improve and perfect the marketing management, landfill and other treatment systems, and take the assessment of accounts receivable as the key work. Formulate a practical and effective marketing management system, so that there are rules to follow and violations must be prosecuted; Sign the marketing letter carefully, and clarify the marketing tasks and job responsibilities; The main responsibilities include signing the contract between the supplier and the demander and expediting the collection. Strengthen the business training of marketing personnel, speed up the competitive employment mechanism of survival of the fittest through the assessment of business quality training, and improve or persuade those who master the basic skills of sales work, marketing performance and receivables recovery within a time limit. The assessment of marketing personnel should be detailed. The main assessment indicators are sales volume and accounts receivable, which are output according to the experimental results in each batch of sales business: the payment receiving status of maximum force value, elongation, maximum tensile strength, fixed force elongation, fixed extension force value, and yield strength. If the payment is received and picked up or the payment is received in advance within the specified period, interest and reward will be given. If the payment is overdue or the accounts receivable cannot be collected, the overdue fine payable or penalty will be deducted in proportion. Any dispute caused by carelessness in signing the contract or unclear contract terms, or the work of receivables accounts for about 35% of the domestic market segment, indifference, and unreasonable delay in the favorable opportunity of receivables, resulting in the failure to collect the amount due, shall be regarded as dereliction of duty, and the economic investigation shall be aggravated. Any person who receives benefits from the demander through malpractice for personal gain and the receivables are recovered shall be punished for violation of discipline, and if the circumstances are serious, he shall be punished according to law

2. Strengthen the daily management of sales, clarify the responsibilities of relevant departments, and cooperate closely. The sales department shall prepare the product sales plan (including product name, specification, quantity, quality, delivery date, delivery place, payment method, etc.) according to the purchase and sales contract or the letter of the demander's contract, and timely contact and urge to implement the supply, marketing and transportation work. Keep close cooperation with the supply, production, technology, quality inspection and other departments, accurately and timely grasp the production progress, quantity, quality, completeness, etc. of the products, so as to ensure that the warehoused products meet the requirements of the sales contract and ensure that the products are delivered on schedule. The financial department shall cooperate closely with the sales department, and be jointly responsible for the settlement of payment for goods, the preparation of sales revenue plan, the timely issuance of invoices for products issued, the settlement and the collection of payment for goods. Adhere to the purpose of putting users first and serve users wholeheartedly. Where the demander raises objections or complaints about quality and quantity, it shall analyze them in time and deal with them accordingly. If necessary, it shall cooperate with the supply, sales, production, technology, quality inspection and other relevant departments to solve them as soon as possible in accordance with the provisions of the contract

3. Strengthen the implementation of enterprise policies and objectives, and earnestly do a good job in process quality supervision and control. Conscientiously implement the management work related to ISO9000 standards, regularly conduct internal quality system audit and management review, and improve the effectiveness and compliance of the system. Arrange the production plan in time according to the sales plan, and constantly coordinate the production progress to ensure timely delivery. Implement quality control from the whole process of design, trial production, identification, material supply, production, inspection, packaging, warehousing, shipping, after-sales service, so as to ensure clear responsibilities and quality to people. The correctness and effectiveness of product technical documents and data, the supply of raw and auxiliary materials, product manufacturing, final quality inspection and evaluation, various quality documents and quality records such as quality assurance certificates are complete, and the evidence is complete and effective. All products leave the factory after passing the inspection, so as to avoid disputes caused by quality problems. Improve and perfect the information feedback system, visit users in time, collect various opinions and information from users, and deal with them accordingly

4. Based on fairness, integrity and morality, be good at making friends from all walks of life. Insist on doing business. Make friends first. Only when you have good friends can you expect successful supply and demand cooperation. Through making friends sincerely, we can establish and consolidate a reliable cooperative relationship and enhance the reliability of payment recovery. Carefully observe and experience whether the person in charge of the demander's unit and the operator are honest, honest and ethical, whether their unit is contract-abiding and trustworthy, and has many new and old customers and friendly partners. Adopt various ways and means to exchange feelings with relevant personnel of the demander's unit, and understand the business philosophy, service purpose, and disposal ideas and methods of public relations. Discuss the reform, innovation, sustainable development planning and product management and development prospects of cooperative units, and analyze the feasibility of survival and development. Establish cooperative friendship and consensus of mutual help and support, mutual benefit, enhance mutual trust, sincerely cooperate with good intentions, and promote common economic development

(II) clearly observe the business situation of the demander, prevent and control the generation of bad receivables. Constantly understanding the economic operation, business situation and credit status of the demander is conducive to adopting the corresponding receivables strategy and regulating the sales direction. Analyze and study the reliability of payment recovery, and prevent and eliminate the formation of bad debts and dead debts. Business personnel should always pay attention to whether the nature of the legal person and enterprise of the demander has changed. If there is any change, they should immediately work with relevant departments to study the corresponding measures. If necessary, the supplier can conduct credit inquiry on the demander. China's Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Beijing and Shanghai have made the leveling of leverage more stable. Economic information centers in many provinces and cities such as Shenzhen and Chongqing are preparing to build "enterprise credit inquiry system". Zhejiang Province has basically established the "provincial enterprise credit release and inquiry system", which collects the comprehensive credit records of enterprises in the province held by the national (local) tax, industry and commerce, finance, commodity inspection, technical quality, customs, labor, statistics, public security inspection and law and other management institutions, and constantly collates and updates them. The supplier can query the enterprise credit record on the website as needed to avoid establishing the relationship between supply and demand with units that lack integrity or have relevant bad records, so as to reduce the business risk of the enterprise. Take appropriate measures to understand the debtor's opening bank, account number, capital stock, equipment, plant, vehicle and related inventory, ownership, whether it has been mortgaged, etc. When there is a possibility that the immediate debtor is unable to pay the payment for goods, it should pay close attention to studying and taking various effective measures to reduce losses, such as offsetting the payment with equivalent materials or using legal means to recover the payment for goods. (to be continued)

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