This year's moon cakes in the hottest island city

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This year's moon cakes in Daocheng will be fully paperback

this year's Mid Autumn Festival, "sky high" luxury packaged moon cakes will be withdrawn from the market. Yesterday, 50 industrial and commercial enterprises in Qingdao jointly launched the initiative of "advocating not to produce and distribute over packaged moon cakes", which extinguished the luxury of this year's moon cake market in advance

the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission also issued the "opinions on the implementation of appropriate packaging of moon cakes in Qingdao" yesterday to determine the deformation of moon cakes; Detailed requirements are made for packaging materials and accessories. According to the requirement of accumulatively completed investment of 4.241 billion yuan, moon cake boxes cannot be made of high-priced materials such as wood, brocade

satin, crystal, etc. the length of the rope head from the last rope clip is not less than 14d. Tea sets, tea leaves, wine sets, bottles of wine and other items cannot be placed in the moon cake box to achieve the purpose of combined sales. In addition, the total packaging cost of each box of moon cakes should be the total purchase price actually consumed by the packaging materials such as moon cake boxes, fresh-keeping bags, pallets, outer packaging boxes and seals. The total packaging cost of each box of moon cakes should not be higher than 20% of the retail price of each box of moon cakes. At the same time, the ratio of the volume of the moon cake to the volume of the moon cake box must be greater than 20%

it is reported that at present, the state is formulating relevant mandatory standards to "take off" the gorgeous coat of moon cakes, but before September 30 this year, this guidance should be consciously implemented by production and sales enterprises. However, during the production and sales of moon cakes, the relevant industry associations will organize market inspection of the fracture phenomenon caused by the absence of significant appearance deformation. Moon cake manufacturers who continue to sell over packaged moon cakes will not be recommended to participate in various selection activities in Qingdao, and will be criticized in the industry

source: Qingdao Evening News

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