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How to transform the OA industry into digital printing and lead to a broader future

for operators with a deep foundation in the OA industry, we can fully rely on the huge industry advantages, through the study, discussion and understanding of the service concept of digital on-demand Express Printing (POD), develop our core competitiveness in the operation of Digital Express Printing Service, and shape distinctive characteristic business differences Seize the rapidly expanding market share. As a Wright enterprise with many years of successful and integrated experience in the domestic digital express printing industry, after the successful experience of providing services to many successful and well-known Digital Express Printing Service Providers, we realize that a digital on-demand rapid printing service provider that has successfully transformed from the OA industry should focus on the following issues:

1. Through analysis, Even seek the advice of experts to clarify their own strengths and weaknesses, seize opportunities and avoid risks to the greatest extent. (SWOT analysis)

due to the reasons of capital and advantages, it is impossible for us to "grasp the eyebrows and mustaches" after joining the digital rapid printing service, and customers with any needs will respond positively, regardless of their own capacity constraints. In fact, before preparing to enter the pod service industry, it is necessary for us to clarify our positioning in the new industry through SWOT analysis of our current situation and various factors (such as capital, customer base), such as whether the engineering drawing and paper business, which is mainly based on manufacturing customers, is our development focus, or whether the printing and binding of A3 and A4 business documents is our main business component. At the same time, according to their actual investment, choose the best way to provide services, such as: store operation or background production, centralized production structure or on-site service mode. For self repairing elastomer materials, we have clearly obtained our business development plan, and based on it, we can carry out substantive and targeted infrastructure construction such as equipment procurement and structural construction

2. Build your production resource team according to your set goals

production resources should be divided into two parts: 1. Product production system resources 2. Service provision system resources

for product production system resources, it is actually to build the composition of production equipment and the distribution of human resources according to the main customer groups of pod. Note that in this regard, we strongly oppose the "purchase stacking" of various equipment without calculating the overall working capacity - which will inevitably cause endless troubles and bottlenecks in the document production and processing process, and ultimately affect your production efficiency. As a Chinese document management expert, Wright suggested that only through programmatic system operation resource analysis and integration can you ensure that your production foundation is safe, efficient and reliable. In addition, the service delivery system resources are actually the last "process" of your store's direct contact with customers, which will directly affect customers' evaluation of your service delivery ability. Logistics ability, staff service awareness and emergency response level will be the ultimate factors to optimize your service delivery ability

3. Establish your management structure and improve your comprehensive operation ability

like any enterprise, it is not your customers that really bring value to you, but yourself - to be exact, your management. "Although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs", the difference is that in a store, although your number of employees is only a few or a dozen, your product production and processing process is very simple. However, without proper process, excellent system and standardized implementation, all operations will be in a mess, which may lead to the decline of your product quality (even if your production equipment is very advanced), the chaos of your workflow (maybe you have dozens of experienced employees), the employees' wrangling and shirking each other (at this time, you can't tell who is right and who is wrong), all these experimental forces Deformation measurement is not divided in the whole process, which will eventually lead to your customers' disappointment and mistrust of your service

4. Understand your customers, add value to them and shape your service differentiation

you need a large number of loyal customers, so you need to provide them with "perfect" services again and again through unremitting and long-term efforts, so as to establish a trust relationship with your customers in this way. At the same time, you hope to make your store different and win more customers. All, you must explore the characteristics within your ability to shape the differences between you and your opponents

the so-called differentiation means that the services you provide to customers have features that your competitors cannot detect or realize, and can bring value-added and recognition to customers - this will make your customers get extra surprises and ensure that your service behavior is always active. This differentiation comes from your search for your own resources and your analysis of customer needs. Formally speaking, differentiation is manifested in any aspect of the service you provide

although the annual industry turnover of China's domestic digital on-demand rapid printing service industry is gradually increasing rapidly, due to the rapid development of the market and the lack of industry game rules, the whole industry is still in the preliminary development and exploration stage. For the transformants from the traditional OA industry, this will mean more risks and greater freedom. We can conclude that China's digital on-demand rapid printing service market is huge, and the entire industry is sustainable. However, due to the various constraints we currently encounter, there is still great potential within the industry and operators themselves. In this environment full of opportunities and challenges, it is necessary for our OA industry transferees to carefully observe and learn, seek their own value under the pressure of professional overseas investment industry giants in China, and take this to clarify our development direction. Lead our operation to a broader future through correct decisions and methods

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