How does the hottest tensile machine tear the tape

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How does the tensile machine tear the tape

how does the tensile machine tear the tape

how does the tensile machine tear the tape? As a universal machine, it plays a lot of roles in every industry. Next, Haida will share with you the test method of tape tearing? It is mainly manifested in the following points:

1. When measuring the tear of the tape, the thickness of the tear area of the measured sample shall not be less than 3 points, and the median value shall be taken. The thickness value shall not deviate from the median value by 2%

2. Comparing multiple groups of samples, the median thickness of each group of samples must be within 7.5% of the median value of each group of samples. When conducting the right angle or crescent sample test, Clamp the specimen into the upper and lower retainers for a certain depth along the axial direction aligned with the tensile direction, so as to ensure full and uniform tightening at the parallel position

3. The trouser type specimen shall be clamped into the gripper for a certain depth as required, and the specimen shall be placed on the gripper of the machine. The tensile test shall be carried out at the specified speed until the specimen is broken

4. The right angle power supply voltage is too high or too low, and the crescent shaped sample records its maximum value. The trouser shaped sample records all force values during the test with an automatic drawing device

the above is the test method of tape tearing. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, its maintenance method needs to be done well:

1. Pay attention to the level of environment and location, whether the power supply voltage is rusty, etc

2. Whether the keys on the operation panel can work normally, whether the data can be completed and whether the high-speed and low-precision transformation is disordered, etc

3. Whether each speed of the beam can operate normally, whether the motor belt has signs of fracture, and whether the tightness is appropriate

4. The accessories are replaced with different test contents, and the machine part is regularly lubricated with lubricating oil

5. Take away the garbage after the test at any time and wipe it every day to keep it clean

how does the tensile machine tear the tape?? Through the introduction of the above test methods and maintenance methods, we hope that users will be more clear about the steps and familiar with the maintenance when using. If you want to know more about the tension machine, please call Haida instrument

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