How does the hottest Power Supply Bureau view the

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How does the power supply bureau view the power selling company

"we have to face the competition from local power companies." The head of the power supply bureau of the power company sighed in the author's interview

soon, the reform began slowly. Guizhou was listed as the first batch of comprehensive pilot areas in China, and Xingyi City was listed as the pilot area of power sales side reform in Guizhou Province; Fortunately, the power supply bureau's sense of hardship made it ready for battle early

in August 2017, Guangdong was the focus of power sales across the country, and Shenzhen was the focus of Guangdong power reform

Shenzhen is the first region in Guangdong to be included in the pilot reform of transmission and distribution electricity price. At present, two of the three power selling companies with the highest market share in the province are located in Shenzhen. The founders and managers of several named power selling companies have resigned from Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau

if the power supply bureau didn't feel obvious about the reform of the selling side in the early stage and didn't know what to do in the medium term, then today, when the liberalization of the selling side is advancing steadily, it has realized the urgency of the change

Jingjian will take several bridgehead areas of power reform as samples to explore the process of self-examination and pressurization of Power Supply Bureau under the background of power system reform

another kind of "sharing" cake

when power selling companies are determined to share the cake of power distribution reform, the power supply bureau has silently shared its own share

at present, the reform of China's power market has not been "cut" to residential electricity. In fact, residents account for only a small part of the electricity charges collected by the power supply bureau. Take the data of Shenzhen Bureau in 2015 as an example:

generally speaking, although the number of special transformer customers (customers with transformers installed, generally large users) is small, their electricity and electricity charges receivable account for about 80% of the total

according to the direction of power market-oriented reform, this part of the main power bill will gradually enter the market in batches and become the main body of the market. The first batch of 30 customers in Shenzhen who entered the direct purchase of electricity are all major customers served by customer managers

in 2016, Guangdong power sales company officially participated in market transactions on behalf of users. The participation of the top ten power customers in the power sales market in Shenzhen is as follows (note, this is the survey at the end of last year, which may change this year):

with the gradual release of the national power utilization plan, the scale of the provincial power market will be further expanded, and more and more original customers of the power supply bureau will participate in the power market. If we don't take some action, it will be more common for the cake to "humble" out

concept change between power users and power supply bureaus

Jing Jian believes that although all sectors of society have different opinions on the role and existence value of power selling companies, it is certain that power selling companies have played a role in "popular science" power reform

people in the power market, including the power supply bureau, have witnessed this change after decoupling from Dow DuPont

according to relevant sources, in December 2015, his company randomly surveyed 20 major customers when visiting customers, and found that only 2 customers had a deeper understanding of power reform, 8 customers just heard, and the remaining 10 did not understand at all

in late 2016, due to the extensive contact between the government propaganda and the newly established power sales company and large users, the power supply bureau began to receive active consultations from large users about their participation in the power sales market. There were many large users who did not understand the current stage of direct power trading, but wanted to know in detail

with the new progress of new materials and their mechanical properties testing

the marketing system of the power supply bureau has also responded to this change

according to Jing Jian, for a long time, the customer manager of the power company has been mainly served by meter readers of various district bureaus. Due to the limitations of professional quality and busy work, he cannot devote most of his energy to serving power users, and large users do not really enjoy differentiated services. Even the Shenzhen Bureau, whose marketing service level is at the forefront of the country, was served by customer managers to key customers in 2012

"subject to the current policy, the service of power companies is still dominated by the extension of conventional services. With the deepening of large user service, the improvement of customer demand will urge the power supply bureau to examine its own service ability." Relevant people commented, "the power market undoubtedly provides an opportunity for the transformation of the power supply bureau."

in close combat, it is difficult to decide the outcome

although it is menacing, power selling companies have also begun to expose some of their shortcomings

at present, the competition of power selling companies is the competition of key customers; The core business of most power selling companies is to buy electricity from the wholesale market and then sell it to end users to earn a price difference; In terms of value-added services, although a mature market has not yet been formed, we can still see its potential for future development from the participants of power selling companies (electrical equipment manufacturers, power engineering enterprises, industrial parks, energy-saving companies and 6. Metal handwheel rims and joystick should be polished and coated with anti rust coating, upstream and downstream companies in the energy industry, etc.)

however, the vast majority of power selling companies in the market still lack a clear and sustainable profit model and their own core competitiveness. Even the park type placement integration companies with natural user stickiness and independent power selling companies with direct participation of key customers are difficult to ensure an invincible position in the future market tide

combined with the power reform paths of all countries in the world, this has happened in the power market and in the early stage. Combined with the experience of power sales in Britain, the United States, Germany and other countries, the competition for large users will become increasingly fierce in the future, and the demand of large users for value-added services will also become a source of profits other than power sales

let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages

electricity reform is a process in which new market players constantly adapt to the new market. At present, although the decline of electricity charges is only hundreds of thousands for customers, even this seemingly slight change has attracted great attention, and the future market activity is unimaginable

for power selling companies, they need to give full play to their own advantages, make up for their own shortcomings, determine their own disadvantages and avoid their own disadvantages; For power supply enterprises, although they have the first mover advantage, whether they can turn into the final victory requires a careful examination of themselves and the external environment

based on the introduction of SWOT (s advantages, w disadvantages, O opportunities, t threats) analysis, explore the strategies of power enterprises to serve large users in the future

what strategies can the power supply bureau adopt in the future

for power consumption services of major customers, electricity is the basic resource to ensure production and operation. The biggest difference from residential customers is that they have high professional requirements for power consumption services - which can be said that power enterprises have no pressure

however, professionalism alone cannot benefit the power market with the rapid growth of user demand. In the future, the power supply bureau should also provide 1+x service, which has little impact on the price (except for door service). Among them, 1 is a professional power service, and X is a value-added service developed by customers

as we all know, at present, power selling companies are also actively developing value-added services. How should power companies seize their own advantages, establish their own service system, and form coping strategies

Jing Jian consulted extensively with internal and external stakeholders and summarized the following points:

(I) make a long-term plan for the electricity sales market and customer service with reference to the electricity reform in the UK and the United States and in combination with the current electricity reform reality

(II) actively introduce and cultivate excellent compound talents, restructure the key customer service team, and realize the leap from service personnel to sales personnel, operation and maintenance engineers to product engineers, and customer satisfaction to customer experience

(III) based on the current core profit model of price difference between purchase and sale of electricity, we should actively develop electricity related and non electricity businesses, so that both wings can fly together, integrate and promote each other

(4) give play to the supporting role of information system and reconstruct business system, data support system and auxiliary decision-making system with key customer service as the core

(V) make full use of interconnection thinking, establish an organizational structure suitable for business development, and combine market attributes with electrical special attributes and interconnection thinking. Make a comprehensive plan from the organizational structure and business process, make breakthroughs in key points, and form a self-interest core competition

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