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Three key points and three points of attention for standing SEO

standing SEO, three key points and three points of attention:

key one, set the keywords, and do a good job in the writing of meta tags and the density of keywords in the title (overlapping keywords but three times, keyword splitting, more spider friendly)

note: this key point must be written carefully when setting keywords and writing tags, and do not change frequently. I have been punished by Baidu spider, I know how powerful it is

the second key is that the most important part of the station is the page import volume of 1.485 million tons. The head and the bottom of the page should be beautiful and different in these two positions, and the keywords to be done should be integrated into them. Especially for the friend chain at the bottom of the page, try to find content related stations, which is not only conducive to the optimization of keywords, but also conducive to the improvement of PR of your own station

note: when others don't necessarily make friends with you, don't be angry. If the other party's station is well included, you should actively add it as a friend chain, and its price will be supported and remain strong. This will not only add a relevant keyword for you, but also check the above spider is the content of the installation and protection performance experiment of the tensile testing machine. When you get out of the chain, your station will be valued because of the good exit of the chain. This is very important. We cannot lose the opportunity to grow ourselves because others refuse

the third key is to keep the website updated from time to time, especially the home page. It is better to update it once every two hours (Sina 2, easy error resolution, etc. real-time update, baidu Google robot is busy). When I was doing SEO, I found that as long as I update my site from time to time, Google Baidu is also updating, so the weight will naturally increase

note: Although this method is feasible, it is not easy for webmasters who have many things to do. It is particularly important to pay attention to the originality of the updated content

now let's talk about the difference between Baidu and Google in terms of site weight:

everyone knows PageRank. In Google, the higher the PageRank, the higher the site weight, which must be very clear to everyone. Baidu doesn't have to. High PR stations don't necessarily have high rankings. Baidu pays more attention to the quality of stations (including the frequency of station updates and the frequency of station visits). If a friend wants to optimize Google, it is recommended that you make your PageRank higher. If you want to optimize Baidu, it is recommended that you refine the station and how to do it specifically. That is to gradually understand it in practice. I just share the general direction with you, I hope it will be beneficial to you, thank you

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