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Food packaging solvent residue detection methods

today, with the rapid development of the world economy, packaging and printing show a colorful scene, and more and more beautiful packages are produced in printing plants. People pay attention to the taste of these beautiful clothes while appreciating the beautiful packaged clothes, especially food packaging. This is a very important problem. The average plastic consumption of an automobile for food packaging printing may reach more than 500kg/vehicle

cigarettes, snacks, children's nutritional breakfast and other cartons made of paper or cardboard made of environmentally friendly materials, after being processed by various printing methods, will the ink adhere to the paper, which will have a negative impact on the package content, or will there be harmful substances transferred to the food, that is, whether there are unsafe factors while seeing the results? Especially for gravure printing ink commonly used in cigarette printing, how to test the safety of this dosage form of ink printing

we know that the packaging materials after printing have different degrees of smell, which depends on the printing method used or the composition of the ink. How to evaluate these smells? First of all, it should be noted that our emphasis is not on the smell it emits, but on the impact of the packaging materials formed after printing, and Professor Wang Hongyan of the school of automobile of Tongji University issued the certificate of executive director on the contents of the packaging. We hope that the packaging will not affect the smell and taste of its contents as much as possible

Recently, China has taken the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as its guiding ideology.

as we all know, taste and smell are chemical senses, and their stimulation is the knot of biomolecular reactions. Scientists have proved that different positions of our tongue will produce sour, sweet, bitter and salty taste effects, and our sense of smell is more sensitive, which can quickly smell subtle smells, but at the same time, the nose is also easy to stop working due to fatigue. Therefore, it is generally recommended that perfume manufacturers do not continuously identify more than three kinds of flavors. Then, how to detect the odor of packaging and printing materials and what is the detection standard

gas chromatography

gas chromatography is widely used in the production of intaglio printing packaging materials. The content of residual solvents and other odors on printed packages can be objectively determined by gas chromatography. In the process of gas chromatography analysis, the gas passes through a separation column and is measured by the detector. Even a small amount of gas can be detected. Flame ionization detector (FID) is its main detection tool. Connect the detector to a PC to record the time and the amount of gas leaving the separation column. The free monomers can be identified by comparing with the known fluid chromatography

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