Determinants of storage quality of the hottest Juf

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Jufeng grape is one of the excellent grape varieties. Its storage quality mainly depends on four key links: ear selection, harvest time, storage environment and storage method

(1) ear selection

the ear on the shelf surface and in the middle of the ventilated and transparent shelf should be selected. Because of the high maturity of these ears, they are resistant to storage. The temperature of the ear should be quickly reduced to 0 ~ 3 ℃

(2) harvest time should be delayed

because delaying to see the social Vientiane and life course, late harvest is a labor-saving and pre cooling method that can avoid or reduce fruit bruises. In particular, the second crop of Jufeng fruit ripens in the middle and late October, and its flavor, quality and sugar content are not as good as those of the first crop. Delayed harvest can not only reduce the ear temperature, but also be conducive to nutrient accumulation and improve storage capacity. However, it is worth noting that after November, the temperature changes greatly. In case of cold current and early frost, when the temperature drops to 0 ℃, smoke piles (4 ~ 8 places per mu) must be set in the garden to prevent frost damage by smoking, or wind barriers can be set up in the north of the grape row in the garden to prevent cold. Grapes should be harvested in the morning or evening when the temperature is low

(3) storage environment for details of nonwoven tensile testing machine, users can refer to the article "nonwoven tensile 5, PC microcomputer measurement, calculation, digital display results, printing details of testing machine"

in the storage (cellar), sulfur powder should be used for fumigation and disinfection. The optimal storage temperature is - 1 ~ 3 ℃, and the temperature difference between day and night should not be

(4) storage method

when stored in a semi basement, The total size of ventilation duct and exhaust duct shall not be less than 1/10 of the total volume. Avoid squeezing when hanging in layers or placing on sawdust or rice bran padded with 4 ~ 5cm thick. Never put it directly on the sand layer. One ear is packed in a plastic film bag and sealed for storage. Bordeaux solution is used for disinfection before harvest and sulfur fumigation after harvest. The storage temperature is controlled below 5 ℃

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