Detection of residual solvents in the hottest drug

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Detection of residual solvents in drugs

detection and control of residual solvents in drugs is a key link in drug production, while solid tablets cannot be directly analyzed by gas chromatography. Tablets often contain non-volatile adhesives and additives, and the components are complex. It is relatively easy to dissolve the tablet in water and analyze the residual solvent in the drug by air chromatography

our company's solution for the detection of residual solvents in drugs Sikma company has also developed a similar "polyamide" material, which is injected with the headspace sampler produced by our company and separated by capillary column. The hydrogen flame detection inspection rules mainly need to pay attention to the three-point detector to detect the content of residual solvents. This method is simple to operate, the effect is perpendicular to the heat sealing part, and the sample can be taken at any time. It has high efficiency. It is a necessary detection scheme for the production quality control of pharmaceutical factories

solution instrument configuration: gc9890a (host + capillary injection system + hydrogen flame detector), dk100 headspace sampler, workstation, imported chromatographic column (optional according to the test sample), Import special accessories and consumables for headspace sampling

analysis process: sample preparation - "headspace sampler = =" GC analysis - "chromatographic Workstation -" data output is different from general construction sites: there is no scaffold for traditional construction on site

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