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Crusher discharge port detection

crusher discharge port detection is one of the contents of beneficiation testing technology. The purpose of this test is to adjust in time Whether the experimenter's operation is correct; It can control the size of the ore discharge port of the crusher, so as to effectively control the particle size of crushed products and reasonably balance the load of each crusher. There are two methods to detect the ore outlet of crusher: direct method and indirect method

direct detection method is the earliest, most common and simplest method, that is, put the shot (or lead block and lead column) into the no-load crusher, and measure the size of the squeezed shot, lead block and lead column discharged by the crusher, so as to identify the size of the ore discharge mouth

indirect detection method is divided into general hydraulic detection method and inductive hydraulic detection method. The general hydraulic detection method is to adjust the ore discharge to a new level! A ruler is set on the oil level indicator of the hydraulic device of the ore discharge port. The oil level actually reflects the position of the movable cone of the crusher and directly displays the size of the ore discharge port; The inductive hydraulic detection method relies on 8 Number of working positions: five groups of electronic control systems, namely the inductive gap measuring device under the main shaft or the automatic synchronous sensor on the top of the main shaft, automatically measure and display the position of the main shaft and the size of the ore discharge opening

the gap detection method can continuously detect the instantaneous size of the ore outlet, which is convenient for timely adjusting the ore outlet and realizing operation automation. However, this method with two groups of tolerance values a and B in each tolerance group can only be used for crushers equipped with ore discharge hydraulic adjustment system and electro-hydraulic control system, and is mainly used for cone crushers. (end)

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