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The detection method of pharmaceutical packaging

the sealing strength test and leakage proof test of pharmaceutical packaging need to be completed in the process control. The instrument for testing the leakage of packaging is usually called the package integrity tester, and the leakage test and sealing strength test must comply with iso-11607 (standard for periodic disinfection of medical packaging equipment). According to this standard, your packaging test system must include the detection of packaging integrity and tightness. For those non porous packages, the test of package integrity and sealing strength can be carried out; However, under the requirements of law and environmental protection, those packages with permeability or pores are only suitable for the test of sealing strength

for medical devices, sterile packaging or soft food packaging, it is necessary to test the tightness of hoses, cup holders and cup covers, or blister packaging and blister sheet base of drugs to ensure the safety of products

sealing strength test

sealing strength is related to the size, shape and material of the package. The test content of sealing strength, including the burst, creep and expansion of porous or non porous packaging, must be carried out under the condition of compressed air. The sealing strength is measured by anti burst strength, anti deformation strength and anti fatigue strength

leak proof test

the leak proof test of the package is to test the barrier bacterial layer of the whole package. For other drug packaging such as blister packaging or blister capsules, and other food soft packaging such as food vacuum packaging containers, sealed film packaging bags, cup cover packaging, etc., the leakage test and sealing test of the container must be carried out by using the method of pressure attenuation or vacuum attenuation leakage under the condition that the rotation of the force piston has a large friction or does not rotate the seal

272 fire-proof glass

non destructive packaging test

for the sealing of flexible packaging, Dalian Rongke has obtained the 200mw/800mwh vanadium flow battery energy storage peak shaving power station project in 2016, and now a fast and non-destructive testing method - temperature measurement device solution, this system includes a system called TME solution? A leak tester and a device for fixing the user's packaging. After the package is placed in the fixed device, pressure (or vacuum) test is carried out, and the result of package leakage is obtained by testing the attenuation of pressure

tm electronics company provides gas detection equipment for detecting specific parts of leakage. The gas leakage detector can use argon, helium, hydrogen and nitrogen respectively for leakage test. Its operation principle is the same as using oxygen detection to detect the volume of gas lost

if the fluorescent powder staining method is used to detect the bubble leakage of porous packaging, or the mass spectrometer is used to detect its permeability, the bt-1000 automatic packaging tester of TM electronics company will test the leakage and sealing strength of products and packaging. If your packaging processing process is completed in an industrial environment, TM electronics can also provide you with TME industrial solutions, which is also a packaging test plan for industrial leak detection and process testing

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