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The transformation and upgrading of the mold industry still depends on the market

the mold industry not only has the market environment changed, but also the policy environment for industrial development has changed: in the past, the government was more accustomed to using incentives to provide power for the economy, but now it is relying on comprehensively deepening reform to seek new power for economic development. In the past, we used to use administrative means to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but now we rely more on the force of the market

after years of development and technical accumulation, China's mold industry has made great breakthroughs. In the process of the development of the mold industry, China's market has always adhered to innovation and development, strengthened technical exchanges with developed countries, and greatly improved the strength of China's mold industry and the market competitiveness of China's mold enterprises. According to luobaihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, the total output value of China's mold industry will exceed 2trillion yuan by 2015

although the domestic mold export has been increasing in recent years, the international competitiveness has also been improved. However, most of them are concentrated in the medium and low-grade fields, and the technical level of molds is low. According to the municipal ceramic aluminum office, the added value is low, and some high-precision molds still depend on imports. Therefore, the domestic mold manufacturing industry should strengthen the integration in various fields

in the whole development process, relevant industries and enterprises need to take a long view, dive into the mind, pay close attention to the research of new technologies and new processes, gradually form a division of labor, cooperation, multi field and all-round scientific research and development pattern, and launch mold products with independent intellectual property rights. Now China's mold industry has absorbed the advanced experience, advanced technology and high-level talents of foreign mold manufacturing through the introduction of foreign capital. China's mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved. Griov has accelerated the construction progress of 36000 T/a high-purity polysilicon industry upgrading project; The design of ryht2vs-hh series products around the new material is based on the high stability that the continuously rising temperature can maintain the strength for a long time

at present, China's mold industry has formed a number of distinctive mold industry cluster production bases, which provide a platform for the scientific development of mold enterprises. The innovation ability of enterprises has also been continuously improved. With a number of independent intellectual property rights, China's mold enterprises will have strong competitiveness in the future. Luobaihui believes that by vigorously strengthening independent innovation, all industries need more high-level mold machinery and equipment in changing the growth mode and optimizing the industrial structure, providing a broad development space for the development of the mold industry. More importantly, the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, as well as the development policies for emerging strategic industries, regional development plans and policies to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry will provide new growth points for the mold industry. With the transfer of manufacturing industry from developed countries to China, China's mold industry has ushered in a new round of development opportunities

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